So...who is our presidential candidate?

15% right? Not exactly a majority... but enough to be heard. I'm quite tired of being the unheard minority. If I had funding, I'd run myself! (But I've got plenty of skeletons in the ol' closet, so I prolly wouldn't pass muster.) So who is the atheist candidate? Who stands for rationality and reason in the political sphere?
Damn! You think Sam Harris might be interested? I'd vote for him in a heartbeat! Lol!
What do you think? WHO do you think?
And are we, the freethinkers of America actualy going to come together for once and stand behind him/her?
Enough I say.
Though we may dissagree on what "kind" of government we want. We all agree that god has no place in it.
What is best for our country? What is best for humanity?
Take god out of the equasion and it is still a complicated question, but when you add god in...
It goes from complicated to irrationaly complicated.
So, give me someone with a good mind. Give me someone with good morals. Give me someone that I can respect and trust.
Give me someone who will treat others with respect, but call bullshit when they see it.
Give me a President.

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Comment by David Anam on April 14, 2011 at 7:54am



How exactly does this capitalist class "put forth" a candidate? Anyone can run for president (or any other office) and the people vote for them. If you concede that money cannot entirely rig an election, than how is this class able to control who our representatives are?


I am simply not convinced that there is a class of people controlling everything. It's true that our economy is based on a capitalist system and that our elected officials support this capitalist system. However, it sounds like you are claiming there is a conspiracy against the people to maintain this, while I would argue that this is the will of the people, regardless of whether this system is a good idea or not.


If the majority of Americans decided that we would be better in a communist state, I see nothing preventing us from putting communists in power. The reason this hasn't happened is because that is not what the majority of Americans have decided.


And while I agree that many people in this country should think about the issues more, and rely less on simple answers, I am not convinced that this would change in a communist society.




I apologize that we've hijacked your thread. You are right that it would make a significant difference if an atheist candidate got 10% of the vote, I hadn't honestly thought about that. I wonder if Christian candidates would then seriously consider trying to get a piece of the atheist votes.

Comment by Robert M. Reed on April 13, 2011 at 6:55pm
Well... ok... I just wanted to hear some news anchor go; "Wow! The Atheist candidate got 10% of the popular vote!".... but ok...
Comment by David Anam on April 13, 2011 at 3:58pm



While I somewhat agree with what you are saying, our system ultimately comes down to voters. While it is true that corporations and whatnot are able to affect elections via pouring money into campaigns, it is still the choice of the people. No one is forcing us to elect the candidate who spent more, and so the money can only go so far.


For example, I firmly believe that Donald Trump will never win a presidential election, even if he has a campaign fund of $100 trillion. A certain amount of money is necessary just to get your name and message out there, but once you are known, it comes down to who voters want.


That having been said, there are some issues of voting fraud & questionable methods of counting ballots (though I personally have not seen sufficient evidence to make me believe that there is a conspiracy here) and the fact that third parties have very little chance of success. However, the two party system is only maintained by popular support, which again comes down to the voters.


The bottom line is that no one is forcing me to vote Democrat or Republican. I do so because I see sufficient progress to make me think this is not a waste of our time. Furthermore, I do not see any reason to believe that corruption is unique to these two parties. Surely if a third party did come into power, they too would wrestle with poor politicians, corruption and the need to maintain their power.

Comment by Dustin Mark Rogers on April 13, 2011 at 3:13pm

well my pick for president would be Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. 

i will never vote Republican i am not rich and will not vote against my own self interest

but if i am forced to pick between Obama or any Republican i will vote for Obama

Comment by David Anam on April 13, 2011 at 7:23am

Personally, I'm fine with having a President who acknowledges the legitimacy of the atheists, regardless of whether they personally believe or not. Even though it may not seem like much, Obama has acknowledged that we exist, and taken hits for it. While he's not going to risk his political career to fight to get "under God" out of our pledge, he is doing some small things to help give us legitimacy.


As long as we can keep getting presidents who are willing to push forward just a little, I'll be happy with that.



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