I've justified, to myself, allowing people to make stupid purchases. I analyzed what my problems with people buying useless pieces of paper and here's what I have come up with. If I were to ask myself the question, “Should it be illegal for people to spend money on useless pieces of paper even if it doesn't hurt me and makes the people feel good? It is their money, should they be free to spend it on whatever junk they'd like?” I have to concede that even if I STRONGLY disagree with spending money on flim-flam, it is their right. Even if I am morally opposed to bilking people out of their money I must recognize that if it doesn't hurt others or myself, then I can not support a law restricting what a person can buy or not buy.

I have to carry this to the next step. Or perhaps, it's the same issue repackaged? Either way, I hope this shows just why I have to support the gullible. As I stated above, if someone wants to spend good money, their own or their spouses, on a piece of paper that has a value placed on it by the person receiving or buying the paper, and this hurts no one, I support them. How you ask? Today is the 10th of December. Just over one month ago, in the state of California, the voters narrowly approved Proposition 8. This proposition was to amend the state constitution of California to effectively outlaw marriage of gays and lesbians. Today there was a nationwide boycott of all goods and services called, “A day without gays,” staged in protest of the prop 8 vote. I tie the two together like this. Buying a piece of paper to say you have a star named after someone you love and buying a piece of paper we call a marriage license to marry someone you love are, at their core, the same issue. To call two people “married” is paying the state for a piece of paper to make their marriage “official.” If they don't value their relationship, then a piece of paper isn't going to change that. In a sense, it's not worth the paper it's printed on, just like the name of a star. I know, I know, you are saying that married couples get benefits denied to same sex couples. Although this is a separate issue, though related, I have questions as to just why married couples are treated different than their unmarried counterparts. Is it that the state is encouraging marriage by offering tax breaks, etc? Is this something a state should do? Anyway, another issue. What I am trying to say is that in the same sense that I might not agree with what a Scientologist has to say, I must fight for their right to say it. I may not agree that people should be allowed to sell something with no value, but I must grant them that right. Others may be strongly opposed to extending the rights of gays to marry. As an opinion, it must be allowed to be expressed and recognized that to legislate that view is deeply un-American. Just my opinion.

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