"Spiritual But Not Religious" Pisses People Off

I hadn't seen the term "spiritual but not religious" since I quit computer dating going on two years ago, having found the perfect woman for me on the Internet. While I was cyber-dating, it was featured on nearly every profile I clicked on. Perhaps many women just don't want to admit that they are out-and-out atheists or merry agnostics, at least in public, but the "S but not R" box was the one most of them chose. The second most common was "Christian," the third "Catholic." The rarest were girls who picked a specific Protestant denomination, like "Presbyterian." 

Didn't matter to me. I never contacted any women who proclaimed a religious affiliation, no matter how attractive they looked in their pictures, even if in those pictures they were wearing barely more than a crucifix. You're going to find enough things to argue about with someone you are dating eventually anyway—why start with a fundamental disagreement?

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