Spiritual Warfare? You Know not What You Say!

Christian belief in spiritual warfare obliterates the concept of an all-powerful God by implying the possibility of loss; otherwise omnipotence renders the idea of a protracted battle moot. The insistence upon supernatural warfare is not only improbable, but taken to its literal conclusion raises embarrassing questions about the nature of the opponent in the invisible war of good and evil.

Spiritual warfare at once puts Satan on equal footing with God otherwise it could not exist without allowance from the creator, which if true raises serious questions about God's  motivations. Why did God create Satan? Being omniscient, God had to know the end-point of that creation. If he didn't, then he isn't omniscient. If he did, then God is evil and uncaring. Likewise, if God cannot put an end to Satan and his legions then he is not omnipotent or he is impotent to do anything about it.

Far more interesting than the ludicrous assertion of an invisible war is the implication that Satan stands equal to the creator in all things and seeing that wars typically do not end in a tie, it raises the possibility of God's defeat. If God's omnipotence negates the possibility of a loss, again, what is the point of prolonged warfare?

Asides from sounding silly, spiritual warfare also suggests there are ghosts, goblins and all type of invisible spirits locked in an eternal battle in the ether around our ankles cemented in a battle of good and evil. Most people would be embarrassed to talk of invisible beings other than God for fear of being thought insane, but in many branches of Christianity spiritual warfare remains a staple.

Of course, spiritual warfare brings out prayer-warriors whose job it is join the invisible war, bombing the unseen enemy with holy hand grenades and howitzers, which is suiting considering the invisibility of both or as hit record from years ago put it, "nothing from nothing leaves nothing." I've listened to Christian ministers and their congregation tell the devil to take a hike, saying "Get behind e Satan, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus." 

I take it that's strong language, but it seems more like talking to themselves and hoping no one notices that it is their own weak character they transform into the devil. Again, with an omnipotent God, Satan, Beelzebub or THE devil are toast and the levity is intended because of such an absurd idea. An omniscient God has Satan trumped at every instant. Again, no contest. However, if the devil rose at the creation and is still around Christians may face an ominous end.

Blaming Satan for illness, disasters and all manner of mayhem indicts the Supreme Being of not being too supreme, indifferent or even working with the devil making God a force for evil. Making matters even worse for an omniscient God exposes that the All-Powerful and All-Knowing as a policeman showing up after the carjacking--not much help. Most people need help beforehand. In the world of physicians it is called preventive medicine. In other words, blocking harm before it occurs. 

Of course, if God cannot anticipate or even guess at danger to his children, Nostradamus  would make a better guardian. Again, the inability to act, see into the future or prevent harm negates God altogether or make duplicitous duo in God and Satan. Said even more plainly, Spiritual Warfare is not only a farfetched faire tale it is a childish embarrassment to a religion already beet red.

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Comment by Donald R Barbera on June 20, 2011 at 9:12pm
Use it all you want. I got an email from a friend inviting me to become a prayer warrior for the president and that's part of my reply. The rest suggested that if the wanted to really help the president, start beating on their congressperson's door, writing letters threatening to withhold business, etc. He'll, just donate a pint of blood for the troops, something real.



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