I was on my way back from Home Depot today, and I saw a guy holding a sign that said "Homeless." I'll freely admit that I hardly ever (if never) give money to these people. Sure, it's sad that some of them are very broken down in the realm of hope and motivation. But at the same time, I'm always skeptical over whether or not they are even homeless or just lazy fucks who make their living off a scam.

In any event, the thought of how giving them money is a form of "spreading the wealth" popped in my head. You hear all this horseshit from the right-winged nutjobs who love grabbing on to the word "socialism" and attaching errant negativity to it because of their ignorant understanding.

Have any of you ever given money to a homeless/begging/poor person? Have you ever given money to a friend who was in need because of hard times... with no requirement of payback?

If the answer to either of these questions is "yes," then you are guilty of practicing socialist ideals. You are guilty of spreading the wealth. And we'll be fucked if McCain would ever do such a thing. I mean... spreading the wealth... fuck... we'll be communist before we know it.

Then McCain also loves the "socialist" buzzword when it comes to health care. He wants us to think that socialized health care would be this horrible thing... even when it's absolute hot shit in Canada among other places.

Why don't we hear McCain parading around talking about how socialized law enforcement is a horrible thing? How about that socialized educational system? Ok, maybe there's a point there with education... it needs some help.

The bottom line is that every fucking social program is a form of socialism. Why would we use the concepts of such a dreadful system at all? There isn't much to dread at all, my friends*. I could get started about this $700billion dollar clusterfuck... talk about running to socialism for hopeful rescue. They want to talk about socialist ideals and spreading the wealth? What the fuck, Buffalo Bill!

Alright... no more ranting. I'm out.

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