There are stereotypes about you no matter what your demographic.

I'm a female, white, middle class, college student, healthcare worker in her mid twenties. I'm also a nearly life long sufferer of depression, an ex smoking daughter of a lung cancer patient and a girlfriend to a smoker. I'm an atheist who borders on anti-theist at times as well as a bit of a hippy type who just wants everyone to put down the guns and get along already. When I have the opportunity, I love smoking weed. All of this stuff colors who I am. However, some people will pick out a single one of these things and point to it as though it's a flaw and say, "there's your problem!"

So I strive to break the stereotypes I can. One that is often amplified beyond reasonable proportions is the fact that I'm an atheist. Clearly there are other factors which contribute to my disposition but they often get ignored or worse, used by others who would attack me for not believing my life is being overseen by an all powerful (yet mysteriously undetectable) spirit being. The stereotype of the angry, in-your-face-at-every-opportunity atheist is one I want to break.

I'm trying every day to curb my negative habits and develop better ones. I came across a saying somewhere and I can't remember where it's from... but we should always strive to emulate the traits we admire. I admire happy, confident, assertive, competent, helpful/friendly people who take good care of themselves and care about others around them. I break the stereotype of the angry atheist every day by striving to emulate my ideal me.


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