Do the Catholics still own you? Don't let them use you as a blank body...


Did you know that if you’re an atheist, agnostic or general non-theist, or even a practicing theist who has changed religions – if you were baptized in the Catholic Church you are still counted among their flock.

Doesn’t matter if you have not ‘worshipped’ in 50 yrs, if the good Father McJesus baptized you, unless you notify the
church in writing to remove you from their rolls, you’re still one of the millions of people being counted in order to show how many believers they own.

Local activist and President of the Freethought Society, Margaret Downey wrote:

Many nontheists were baptized Catholic as an infant. If you were baptized in a Roman Catholic Church (RCC), you are being counted as a member of that religion. Now is the time to protest that indoctrination.

When I was 40, I found my original RCC baptism certificate.
Coincidentally, I was planning a trip to Italy that very year. I took my baptismal records with me on that trip.

Standing in the middle of St. Peter's Square, I tore my certificate into four pieces. I
sent the photo, the torn pieces of the baptismal certificate, and a two page letter to the Pope requesting that my name be taking off church records.

Six months afterwards the Vatican acknowledged my correspondence.

There is something you can do about it - much more easily than making a trip to Rome. There’s a document on the web which you can fill out, have witnessed and send to the Catholic Church.

For more information, read the
Wikipedia article on the need to formally remove yourself from Catholicism.

Although they will then be legally obligated to remove you from their list of active Catholics,
you’ll still be stuck with the saving grace of your baptism. Apparently, once done, you belong to God, no matter what you think. But at
least you don’t belong to the Catholic Church, too.

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