(See prior article to explain title and excuse the poem, but it'll help me.)
(This was a spin off to one of my favorite songs called Boy With a Coin by Iron and Wine. It was playing today on shuffle and this idea just came to me. If you listen to the song you can get the tone of the poem.)

Boy with a coin and boy with a gun
Winner goes to Heaven and now God has won
For Satan never wins a fight in the clouds
Of a murders, vile saved one of the Earth.

Sacrificial lambs lay in dismay
Of slaughter in hell because they can't be saved
They died in vain from their destiny at birth
From what God condemns to those that dwell on Earth

Boy with a coin screamed in pain
For giving his life to save someone's name
God doesn't care if you give to the world
Preach his name and all's well on Earth

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Comment by Christina Crowder on November 24, 2009 at 8:11pm
To those who care to listen: It's on my bio now.
I dunno how bad hitting Ctrl+T and typing 'youtube' is... but just in case.



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