Today a new type of cancer detection was annouced by several news sources - one that is sensetive enough to detect one cancer cell, out of bilions. The device is the size of a credit card and is a fairly simple design which could be easily and cheaply mass-produced, but will assuredly be an expensive test for quite some time. The reason is greed and egotism: evolutionary 'tailbones' which should be eliminated from our species.


Humans have entered an era of information fluidity. Moreso than ever, since the invention of the printing press and the explosion of renaissance culture, humans have been empowered to share ideas and expereriences vicariously. I play a game online called Age of Empires. It's not a new game, it was made in the 90's, but there are millions of people all over the world who play it every day, just because it's fun. I get to play with and against people from every country you can think of, and some I had not even heard of (admittedly geography is a weak subject for me). Many do not even speak the same language, but they know how to play the game. There is very little racism or even nationalism because those borders have been broken by the realization of our common interrest.


With such  an intermingling made possible, laws that enforce boundaries, not only between states and nations, but amidst individuals, are becoming more of a burden than a boon. Intellectual property rights, internatinoal tarifs, border controls - all cause expenditures that are wasted against the rise of the machines; the proliferation of computers and networks across the globe that connect us all to each other. We are already connected to each other, in ways we often do not understand, but our inventions have made it more obvious, and our behaviors needs reflect the same.


Certainly many will argue that these types of laws and regulations are the backbone of capitalism and the free market - the very mechnisms which made possible the technological revolution of which I speak. Yet, the catapult was once a terrifying weapon of war, and the Empire State building was the tallest structure in the world, as all things that were once the best will eventually become obsolete. Economic competition and the success of wealth will have no place in the world of the near future. As soon as someone invents a machine that materializes for you some 'earl grey, hot!' no one will need to work anymore, and everyone will have what they need. And do you think it's very far off now, with credit cards that can tell us if we have cancer?


It would be closer still if we could stop with all our excess and greed and self-protection. Stop buying tabloids and promoting bling culture (no I don't mean rap-culture and black people, I'm not a racist). Stop buying things you dont need and saving for a future that wont require savings. Put your money into things that suport scientific research, globalization and education. Condemn the excessively wealthy who do not give as much as they can to bettering our future. Stop getting distracted with crap like global warming. In the last few years, we have figured out how to make rain with a laser and beans that grow in half an inch of water per year. Global warming will never have time to threaten human existence before we figure out a "magic bean" that can fix the earth like new. Put your money into teraforming research if the environment worries you. It'll be much quicker and less painful than becoming "green." And most importantly, start getting ready for a world in which everyone is your neighbor; your brother or sister; your friend. A world in which everyone can survive and thrive in harmony, without the need for conflict or the ol' nine-to-five drudgery. Get ready for paradise, and start wondering what it will feel like. Start treating people as if it were here already because IT WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN FASTER, and that's all that should matter to any of us.

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Comment by John Camilli on January 4, 2011 at 11:16pm

As in-depth as your response is, I'm afraid I don't follow your meaning. lol


Comment by Frankie Dapper on January 4, 2011 at 3:11pm
mouse trap

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