I am sick and damn tired of hearing about Miss California and Perez Hilton.

No one cared or even heard about either of them before Miss USA. Why do we care now?

Prejean has a right to voice her opinion and hopefully she realizes she has to accept ANY consequences of them. Then she posed topless.. and now she's trying to say that a choice SHE made is a malicious attack for voicing her opinion. You screwed up you dumb broad.

Perez is a dumbass who thinks he is speaking for an entire community..and the Gay community would be wise to shut him the hell up. He doesnt even know what the hell he's talkin about and I am sorry but I serious question anyones sanity when they WANT to be married.

Prejean and Perez do have something in common... they are both wrong and they are both opportunists. This is not about gay marriage anymore, it is all about them and we are just feeding their over inflated egos.

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Comment by Daniel W on May 9, 2009 at 4:33pm
Prejean's job was to market her body and meet physical, sexual, ideals that can't be done naturally (hence the silicon), and at the same time pretending to be 'virtuous'. Perez' job is to be outrageous and gossip. I don't really give a damn about either of them, and I hope that the press soon forgets both.

There are lots of reasons for inclusiveness in marriage. It's not about saying that someone should marry, only that opportunity to do so should be equal. Of course, no one is accusing me of sanity :-)


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