Strengthening of Law

The West Bengal Drug Control Directorate must be take necessary action to stop claims of various astrologers and tantriks that they can cure disease like-asthma, cancer, AIDS, epilepsy sexual impotency etc.
In the past couple of years, a number of astrologers were arrested for these types of claims when any science organization or a citizen complains against them. The weapons were ‘The drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisement) act-1954. According to this act ‘Drugs’ means a medicine for the internal or external use of human beings or animals; any substance intended to be used or in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease in human being or animal. Advertisement includes any type of notice circular, label, wrapper or other document or any announcement made orally or by any means of producing or transmitting. Magic Remedy includes a talisman, mantra, kavacha and any other charm or any kind which is alleged to process miraculous power. The main object of this act is to stop increasing rate of objectionable advertisement published in news papers and magazines. Gove observed the advertisement of astrologers tend to cause the ignorant and unwary to resort to self medication with harmful drugs and appliances. A list of 32 diseases like- blindness, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, sexual impotency, sterility etc. are there upon which the act is attributed. Violating this act is a cognizable offence.
The Drug Control department is more familiar with ‘Drugs and Cosmetics act-1940’.
This act says that, for preparing an selling of any types of drug (in case of astrologer, the gems, kavacha, rings is to be considered as drugs if anybody claims these items can cure a human body)should required a drug license from govt. otherwise the manufacturer and seller would be arrest.
It was march 2005,a heavy-weight astrologer Sri Satyananda arrested by West Bengal police because he threatened openly Mr prabir Ghosh, the general secretary of ‘Juktibadi Samiti’(SCIENCE AND RATIONALISTS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA) in a live television programmed. This incident remembranced everybody from a general public to political leaders at assembly. After all Govt comes ahead to strengthened the drugs and cosmetics act -1940. State law minister Sri Nishith Ranjan Adhikari, mayor of kolkata Sri Bikash Ranjan Bhattecharya,advocate Golam Rasul,advocate Sri Dilip Gupta, advocate general Sri Balai Rai many law experts supports govt decision and spread there helping hand regarding this issue. 19 th march 2009, the drug and cosmetics act revised .the revised one says maximum punishment would be jails or a fine of Rupees of one million.

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