Ever fill out as on-line application or sign-up and when you fill in all the numbers and street addresses, the bottommost button says: SUBMIT?

Hey, wait a minute, says I with a smirk. SUBMIT—that’s what Mohammedans and other religious people do. They SUBMIT; they get down on all fours and kiss the ground with their foreheads and elevate their rumps in the air like some sort of smoke detector.

Islam means submission. SUBMIT has a religious connotation. Atheists and agnostics should not have to hit the SUBMIT button every time they want to join a website or check a bank account. SUBMIT means to yield to some power or higher authority. We don’t SUBMIT; we RESIST.

To be fair and comply with the First Amendment, allowing freedom of religion and free speech, webmasters should change the last button to REMIT, which means “to send,” as one would send the payment of a bill.

There are many cultural mores that honor and obey religion: habits and customs we don’t even think about. How about, it’s illegal to buy beer on Sunday until 12 o’clock noon. What the heck is that about? The laws are forcing me to abide by the majority of people’s religious beliefs. They believe God rested on the seventh day and since He is the Sun God, everybody has to honor SUNday—in some cultures under pain of severe punishment or social ostracism.

Have you even been in a social gathering and you sneeze? Inevitably, someone will say, “God Bless You.” Hey, wait a minute. What the heck is that about? In medieval times (including today) people believed that the opening of the mouth to sneeze left the person vulnerable to demons, if not the Beelzebub himself. Gimme a break will ya, Holy Joe. I’ll take my chances, OK? Gesundheit, to your health.

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Comment by Rich Goss on September 21, 2009 at 9:11pm
Shane, you're correct on your discussion about humanity having a flaw. Stems from our evolution from quadruped carnivores. The trouble is that religion doesn’t even admit that humans are animals, so how are we to cure the problem?

In humanity’s early evolution, the ability to obey and copy became as important as running fast for a gazelle or power for a lion. Learning to make a spear trumped all the power of a saber-toothed tiger. This ability to copy and remember became a meme-driven gene—the information was encoded in our genes and passed on to new generations. Not how to build a spear but how to learn to make one.

The point is: we’re genetically wired to obey and submit.

If we can throw off the shackles of religion and develop species consciousness—see ourselves as animals like all the rest—we might learn to live in harmony with nature.
Comment by Shane Smith on September 21, 2009 at 10:23am
In some cases it seems as if the Human brain is adapted to submission. Submit to the group, submit to society, submit to the finance companies, submit to the country, submit to God, so much submit-en to do, so little time.
Comment by Rich Goss on September 21, 2009 at 12:02am
Thanks for the comments. The point is: religion influences our daily lives in subtle ways that most people don't even think about.

Most languages have a familiar and formal form for the second person pronoun. The French say “tu” if they know you well, and “vous” for the formal, as a kid would address his teacher. In Spanish, there is “tu” and “usted” for the formal. Even Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Greek and Latin use the two forms of address.

In English two forms were used, “thee” and “thou”—as in Ben Johnson’s uses the possessive, “drink to me only with thine eyes,” or Petronius advising his son in Hamlet, “to thine own self be true.”

Now, after the English Civil War in the 1640s, Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans came to power. A basic notion of Puritanism is “all men are brothers.” The formal and familiar forms merged into the word “you.”

The point:is: just by talking to one another we are honoring and obeying Puritan ideas.

I hate the fuckin’ Puritans, so I better keep my mouth shut. Dig?

If anybody can think of other ways religion influences us without our knowing it, add it to the comments, OK.

Here's a good one. Religions care only about there own replication. That's why young men postpone their own education and go on missionary work to spread the religion, like the Mormons. This being so, all non-procreative sex is sinful or illegal. The poor gays got shafted (pun unintentional) because they can't make babies. They don't reproduce so they're an abomination.
Comment by Gecko, Seth...brother of Richie! on September 20, 2009 at 11:06pm
my brother richard only you would come up with this!! funny yet a well made point.



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