Suggested Obama Speech Draft: Muslims Must Learn Tolerance

Good evening. Tonight I speak, as always, to my fellow Americans…but also to the entire Muslim world, from those who think theirs is a religion of peace…to the perpetrators of the ongoing insanity of blasphemy laws, jihads, and fatwas – all of you who call yourselves Muslims.

I want to talk to you about the recent resurgence of Muslim insanity.  Actually, most of Islam is insanity, but the same is true of all religions, and that’s beside the point.

Sometimes Muslims just go over the top.  Their touchiness about their primitive holy book exacts a horrible penalty for violation.

Never mind that the current case in point is a young Pakistani girl who may have Down’s Syndrome and not have known what she was doing by collecting burned Koran pages...or that some slimy Islamic Pat Robertson stuck more pages into her pouch to make her crime even more egregious.

She may be punished harshly, even executed.  It’s a heartbreaking story to those of us who love freedom.  That so much of the world is enslaved by a primitive, violent ideology…does not bode well for the future of humanity.

Linked to this is the violence around the blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Not long ago a woman was hanged for insulting the Prophet, but this would have been such a miscarriage of justice that the provincial governor called for repeal of the blasphemy laws – and was assassinated by one of his bodyguards, who became a hero.  

Later, a member of the Cabinet was shot for speaking out against the laws. The  death-enforced speech code has been successfully maintained ever since.

The front-and-center story, however, is the attacks on US Embassies by bands of psychotics who must, again, themselves deliver the death penalty for a YouTube video film that that shows Mohammed as a pedophile and murderer. 

I’m not about to condemn something I haven’t seen, unlike you intolerant Muslims.  You regularly burn our flag and our Presidents in effigy, whenever your imams decide to foment a new wave of anti-western hatred. But can’t we burn anything of yours?  We will not be bullied into submission by your – or indeed any religion’s – touchiness.

The movie may disrespect the Prophet (it may or may not be historically accurate).  Most movies are partly or wholly fiction.  That is not the issue here.  It is whether the film should have been made in the first place.

As my Jewish friends would say, oy vey

Muslims, Muslims, Muslims…we in America are getting really tired of your temper tantrums.  Here in the West we have what we call “freedom of expression.”  You will simply have to learn to live with it, because we are not about to give it up. 

For the hundredth time: If you don’t like something that is said or written, then ignore it or criticize the creator or respond to it in some civilized way.  Anything but rioting and killing, which, it has been noted, are the only two things you are good at. 

Freedom of expression is, I realize, a concept alien to your cultures.  Yet we must share the world.  We cannot be held hostage to your outbursts of childish violence. 

So, my bigoted Muslim friends, I remind you, for the umpteenth time, that you cannot force the world to live by your rules.  You can at best only ignore those who don’t obey them.

I personally would not burn a Koran, but I would not arrest someone else who did so, if the book was his property.  I wouldn’t watch a movie in which Mohammed has sex with a goat, but I would not kill the moviemaker.  That, my ignorant friends, is the difference between “semi-civilized” (you) and “somewhat more civilized (us).”

I leave you with this thought: could there be some connection between the time you devote to your religion...and the harsh, tribal nature and cultural and economic backwardness of your societies? 

Why is it that every year, ten times as many books are translated into Spanish as into Arabic? Why are there always plenty of men (always men) out there rioting in the middle of the day?  Why don’t they have jobs?  Why aren’t they in school?  Why aren’t they with their families?

Muslims…if you want to find the source of your misery, trust me: solace will not come from arson and murder.  It will come from looking yourselves in the mirror, realizing that YOU are responsible for your backwardness…and getting rid of that awful piece of primitive trash you call a holy book.  It and its poisonous ideas are holding you back.

America remains dedicated to liberty – and opposed to oppression by governments, corporations, and, most definitely, by religion.

I call upon you to cease this violence, because it is based on an egregious misunderstanding: THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT CANNOT CONTROL AND IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT OF A FILM. 


If you think so…if you think I can do anything about it – as did the enraged Egyptian youth I saw on CNN – you are sadly misled. 

Don’t believe everything your imams tell you.  Are you robots? Sheep? Or human beings with minds of their own?  Don't you know that you are being manipulated by fanatic Muslim groups who look for any  excuse to attack the West? 

Recently there were riots over cartoons, which certain radical groups in the Islamic community cynically used to start more unrest...which conveniently draws the rioters' attention away from how miserable their lives are.

For now, we will trust the local authorities to control the violence and find the perpetrators.  It is unconscionable that Americans died for a movie.  I condemn this irrational anti-American violence, just as I condemn all manner of religious insanity.

If you do not cease and desist, and your governments cannot control the situation, I promise you that the destruction of American lives and property because of warped, psychotic religious dreams cannot and will not continue…and will be stopped by any means we deem appropriate.

Let us hope it does not come to that. 

To every Muslim leader, every person of influence around the world -- diplolats, scholars, business leaders, politicians -- I say: the silence is deafening.  Why have you not made vehement public statements condemning the violence, urging Muslims to be more tolerant, less touchy, reminding them that they live in a world with six billion non-Muslims?

I've actually heard about one or two Muslim clerics speaking out against the violence. I hope it won't cost them their lives.  But it's not enough.  Far from it.  All prominent, influential Muslims must rise up and say with one voice: enough! 

If you think yours is a religion of peace, prove it.  Right now, all I hear is...nothing.  Have you been cowed into silence by the fanatics who also consider themselves Muslims?

And to every Muslim who thinks he must avenge the supposed profanation of a book with violence and anger, I say: grow up.  Get over it.

Stop your childish temper tantrums over nothing.  Put out your fires, go home, go to school, go to work, play with your children, treat your women kindly (if you cannot accept them as equals), and live in peace.  As Christians and Jews learned long ago, you cannot force the world to respect your dark superstitions. 

Thank you…and may America live long and prosper. 

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Comment by Alan Perlman on September 14, 2012 at 3:50pm

Loren...I was hoping to hear from hard-core types like you. Thanks for the kind words.  I have more fun writing hypopthetical speeches than I ever had writing real ones (22 yrs.). 

I have little hope for the Islamic world.  What is it that pushes a religion past orthodoxy?  Economic growth and secular education. Liberal leading lights like Locke and Jefferson, Dawkins and Sherwin Wine. I don't see any such things happening in the Muslim world.  Quite the opposite.

Comment by Loren Miller on September 14, 2012 at 3:29pm

With all the above said, Alan, the speech is wonderful.  Its sad problem is that, in this day and age, it is undeliverable.  Any current politician who even hinted at some of the themes of this speech would find their political career at a very sudden end, I suspect.

Find me a major public figure who would be willing to deliver such a message to the public at large and the islamic community in particular and the drinks are on me.  I just wish there were a heavy hitter out there with sufficient chutzpah to take a swing at it.

Comment by Loren Miller on September 14, 2012 at 3:24pm

Are you robots? Sheep?

Unfortunately, the answer for a significant segment of the muslim population is "yes."  They are so wrapped up in their holy book and their prophet that they have no concept of tolerance or any opinion other than ... I almost said, "their own," but what it really is is the opinion of their imams, their mullahs, those who have indoctrinated them in the total immersion which is islam.  These People Do NOT Think For Themselves.  To expect them to think or act rationally would be like expecting a first-grader to recite Shakespeare.

What's worse, this condition may be precisely what many islamic leaders want: a monolithic bloc of people who do as they tell them, the better to overrun and conquer the infidel and create that new caliphate they so fervently desire.

Changing this, correcting it, taking people who have been taught NOT to think and teaching them to think for themselves would mean a near-complete redefinition of the cultures they live in.  Such a process would take generations, I suspect, and begs the question of exactly WHERE does one start.

Personally, I am not encouraged.

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