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I enjoy Sundays. My partner and I usually head off to the Farmer's Market for some fresh produce, maybe a potted flower, or some of the fabulous Goat Cheese they sell there. Today we rounded up some freshly shucked Silver Queen Corn, Yellow Squash, and snagged a couple Elephant Ears for our shaded back yard. Oh and we got some blueberries as well. We are having dinner with friends, and I am making a Blueberry Cobbler, and some fried Squash.

I have always enjoyed people watching. Being at the Farmer's Market is a great opportunity to see all kinds of people. Being Sunday, there are lots of families there. I usually see lot of Christians there. How do I know they are Christians? They are dressed in their Sunday finery. Women and little girls decked out in the requisite below the knee dresses, fathers and sons wearing shirts and ties. I have always found it curious that god cares what you wear to worship. I would think he would be happy with you just being at church. Having read the Bible a number of times, I don't remember the part about dressing up to worship. I do remember the part about not mixing your materials in your fabrics. I wonder how many of those dresses are a poly-cotton blend?

I have always found it curious that Christians can shop on Sundays. How is this keeping the Sabbath holy? Looks like you could have done your shopping on another day. Not to mention, you are obviously supporting sinners when you shop on Sunday. I mean, there the sinners are, big as life, working on a Sunday. I guess it's OK for them to be selective in which parts of the Bible they follow. They obviously have no trouble mixing their materials in their fabrics, or doing work, shopping on a Sunday. I'm sure their god understands. I understand they are hypocrites. Sunday Sinners.

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Comment by Gargoyle65 on June 15, 2009 at 7:35pm
Coffee and Books!!! throw in a little music, does it get any better??? I hope your husband is coming home soon??
Comment by Gargoyle65 on June 15, 2009 at 7:33pm
I hope you are feeling better today!



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