it is so beautiful today here in phoenix........sunshine and 70 degrees. I cant help but wonder how those poor peeps back east are doing......I can only hope they can muster the strength toget through things and that no one will die from the cold,such as the elderly. CRAP! I think I am going to go there and bring them all to phoenix with me........NOT! Nice thought anyway.........seriously though come to phoenix as everybody and their mother is. iWe are already a city and surrounding areas of I believe 8 million plus.......CRAP! Disregard that also.........

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Comment by kent l thompson on January 9, 2014 at 5:30pm

Sadly Dennis you are is not quite martial law yet but we are a very racist police in most major cities around the united states we are monitored by federal drones and if the most racist sheriff in the country gets his way he will be getting two of his own to hunt illegals and harass those who are many of these people of power claim to be Christians....LOL. What a joke, but it is still beautiful here as far as the country and weather. The rest.........makes me want to matter where in the united states one goes we will find the religious in control........and it makes me sick. America is in serious trouble.

Comment by Michael Penn on January 9, 2014 at 12:07pm

29 degrees here in Bourbon, Mo. I would like your temps today but not the so called "martial law" mandate (left in the open) because people are concerned about "immigration " and the inability of locals to arrest "aliens." That's how we have seen it here anyway. Hey, just inforce the law, OK.

On to cold and old people. I'm 67 and was shoveling snow from my driveway the other day when it was minus 9 degrees. My step father says to stay warm and stay out of the cold. It's breathing that cold air, he says, that makes you have a heart attack! Really?

Lots of cold air in Greenland and Alaska. I can just see the news reports now about all the daily heart attacks!   LOL

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