Superstition of the creation

According to Quran, Islamists insist that Allah has created 7 skies and 7 earths, and what is in between (the whole universe), According to Quran that Allah has created the first sky as a ceiling of earth, and has created the other planets and stares as decoration or embellishment of earth laid on the that ceiling which is the earth’s sky. In deed a very beautiful fancy, fiction, imagination, and optimism by Quran. All those things have been don for Islamists to enjoy and meditate or speculate his ability, wisdom, and miracle of creation. It is a primitive, deserted, abstract, human-being’s conceiving and view according to what it is available before abstract eyes, the matter does not need any intellect, or effort, or deep thinking etc. (ill-conceiving). According to Mohammad’s eyes, sky is a ceiling and the universe’s matter; huge stars which are bigger and bigger than earth thousands times and which have been formed before the forming of earth for a very long time ago. All those millions of stars are considered merely adornment on the ceiling of earth for the sake of Islamists, because they are the best nation in the world was created by Allah ,because they are curios, means they put their nose in others’ affairs, that’s why the are the best nation in the world. Quran celebrates Allah for creating that earth’s ceiling (sky, space) without posts or pillars like a hall in building, and consider that thing is a miracle (Islamic and Quranic miracle). They also insist that Allah has created human-being, nature, animals, death, life, day, light etc. from nothing, or nonentity etc. I would say the following:
First, there is nothing its name is “materialistic” creation from nullity by any living-being whatever it is materialistic or metaphysical. It is an automatic physical process; (physics).You can say intellectual, poetic, fictional creation, it is okay, but not materialistic, because that contradicts the nature’s rules.
Second, the existence of mankind did not come easily as Quran claims that Man has been created from dust or soil, and will be resurrected easily after death in the Day of Judgment. If the process is as easy as that, why are races and reproduction available? What is the point or the aim of reproduction? What is the necessity of reproduction? Allah can create people from soil directly without all those hardships and painful processes!!! Such things can never be happened (creating Man from soil) because it is impossible! The existence of one of us in this life or on this earth is not that easy thing! My existence or yours have needed a very long and complicated process to happen. Me , or you are the result of the existence , and sexual processes on this earth of millions of people “males and females” lived pre to us who are called “grand-parents” or “ancestors”, imagine losing only one of those ancestors “a male or a female” in any era or years, or centuries ago, means your or my inexistence (we are inexist) at this moment, therefore, our existence at the present is associated with thousands and thousands of ancestors lived pre to us in so many eras and centuries ago. Humans’ current existence is a result of a long series of time and ancestors extends to thousands and thousands of ancestors, centuries, and ages. It is not that easy process. If Allah decides to resurrect the dead in the Judgment Day, he needs to repeat the whole process again from the beginning.
Thirdly, there are so many things cannot be created, because they are merely natural phenomena or results of particular acts, such as death, how can Allah create death? Or even control it? Death is an inevitable end of any living-being or a universal object (inanimate) .It subjects only to nature’s rules. No one can control it or create it, because it is merely a result of particular activity, which is life, how can it be created? On the other hand, it cannot be stopped or controlled, if so, Allah could have stopped the death of many of his lovers like Mohammad, Jesses, Musses, Abraham, etc, death can happen by any reason out of the ability of deity or God. Over the centuries and centuries, deity could never stop anyone’s death or given life back to any of the dead.
Quran says that Allah has created Light, Day .and Dark. As everybody knows, such things can never be created, as they are results of particular activities according to the nature’s rules.
Quran claims the existence of something inside any living-being’s body its called “Soule”. Upon death, this soul is pull out of the depth of a human being’s body by the death’s Angel. That soul will go either to Hell or Heaven and live for ever, either in comfort or in torture. I would say that there is nothing is soul,
First, in order that a human-being must feel, either comfort or torture, must possess, body, and senses, otherwise he will not feel or aware anything, because the only means or tool of feeling and awareness is physical body + mind or brain + senses, otherwise soul remains merely a blow of fiction and dilution.
Second, Death is an inevitable end for those who lose the reasons of living or to survive, such as the damage of any bodily organ, blooding, the failure of any organ’s job, losing any bodily part by surgery or an accident, the injury of any bodily organ by disease etc. in this case life stops, because it is impossible continuing life while an organ has stopped working or damaged or removed.
What is soul? Soul is merely a metaphoric name for being survived. Soul is a metaphorical name of our senses, bodily health, and the activity of our bodily organs. Upon suspending the activity of any of these organs, soul leaves the body means, life stops or ends.
Quran and Islam threatens us with something called “grave torture”, it means that after death unbelievers or those who deny Islam or don’t have it as their religion, they undergo severe torture inside their graves after death. Ok. Because of this ignorant and primitive view, Islamists are capable to activate their brains at least in the minimum degree. What about those who die in seas and become food of fish, die in forests and become food of several animals, die burning or die drowning, etc.
In Hell, the souls of atheists or unbelievers, or irreligious people settle down in there, and is tortured, I would say that soul is merely a metaphorical name, hence there is no soul , the whole say or tale is superstation, and pulls-hit.

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Comment by RS on October 8, 2010 at 1:17am
I wouldnt take all of this for granted, any information that is add to the spiritual world is worth taking notice.

We dont know how it all started or where the information came from. Its not all black or white but all the information is out there to take what we can from it, or at least consider it.

I cant say im a muslim but as a spiritual being i tend to keep my soul open and wonder about my life and to reason things.

Lots of blessings to you all!

Yemeni girl.



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