I am supremely surprised to hear an athiest say that that the republican and democratic parties are two sides of the same coin, espaecially in this day and age. I firmly disagree as it pertains to religion. With the hijacking of the republicans by the reigious right the differences cannot be more disininct. These people want to teach creationism in schools and universities, which you know is not based on a centilla of scientific fact. They want to lock up mothers who abort featuses for what ever reason even in cases of rape and incest. They wanto make adultery a crime punishable by imprisonment. Following politicts as you do i am sure you saw Sarah Palin avoid questions on global warning. Not to say that there aren't some hyper religious democrats who would blur the line between church and state but these right wing republican nut jobs want to erase it "in the name of god". In my opinion, this is a very dangerous time in this country's history, given their drothers the united states woud be a christian taliban, who interpet the koran as fact. Given this example in its christain incarnation ,what would happen to black people in the context of the story of Ham. Basically it would be a sin to be black. Would they ignore this part of the bible or would it be an excuse for slavery ( as previously used by the catholic church) or even worse, genoside.

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Comment by Johnny on October 27, 2009 at 3:42pm
Truly, I speculate and hope that the Republicans' campaign to suppress the rights of Americans will expose people to the corruption and make even the religious idiots see what is really going on here.
Comment by Johnny on October 27, 2009 at 3:41pm
I reeeally hope people start to see the idiots as they really are.
This is hearsay by my friend so I can't validate it, but apparently there are republicans in the...House? Senate?... that opposed outlawing the gang rape by a group of American workers in Iran becuase they were affiliated with a big business and they didn't want to interfere. Apparently the immature prats will argue against ANYTHING a democrat says just for the hell of it.

For people who stand or good values, what the FUCK does ANY FUCKING MORAL PERSON see in them?



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