This may seem like a bit of a 'reach' for you kind reader, but I just had a thought I will probably play around with for a while.

While we know that Constantine's Chi Rho Christian symbol was this:

The earliest cross symbol was a pagan one like this:

Now I ask you to compare the Christian cross to the pagan one:

It's the same as the pagan cross, but it's a little further out of reach, isn't it?


Just a thought about the importance of symbolism...


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Comment by Andrew Bradford Hoke on July 2, 2014 at 5:17pm

Blasphemy for sure.

I found the Pagan versus the Christian cross sort of symbolic that the Christians leaders wanted to elevate the cross, put it a little further out of reach. It's a strange thought I guess.


Comment by Michael Penn on July 2, 2014 at 2:41pm

The christian religion is still pagan. It always was so, just that many today do not see this. We rebel at calling it pagan because we know that pagan gods do not exist today, so we hold out our christianity as the "only true religion." It means we reject all other gods except the Abrahamic god. The difference today is that 2000 years ago the pagan beliefs and gods were still very much active. There was a merger with christianity, and it was known 2000 years ago. The modern christian would call this blasphemy!



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