Syn: The New Code for living a Moral Life *part 2*

"Everything in moderation, consideration, and observation."

In the last blog, Syn: The New Code for living a Moral Life, I explained how lying, coveting, and greed could be used to do good or used for wrong purposes. Also, I introduced the word 'Syn' and its meaning. Syn isn't a one way ticket to Hell, but rather Syn can be applied daily to improve your life and those around you. Times change, and with that change comes a new code of what is right and what is wrong. Today, I am going to talk about anger, pride, and killing and how they each have a yin-yang about them.

Syn: Anger

Anger is a natural, human emotion. Everyone gets angry, well, at least when it comes to the average person. There is healthy anger and there is destructive anger. Below are examples of both.

4.8 ex.: This girl was raped by her uncle. Weeks later, she finds out she is pregnant with her uncle's child. She wants to abort the baby, but because of religious beliefs, her state don't do abortions. Her only hope of getting rid of the abomination inside her is to find a way to go to an abortion clinic in the neighboring state, but she is scared and does not want to tell her family. Her family is religious and would never allow her to abort the baby, especially sense they would have to take a 6 hour trip one way to do it. This girl has every right to be angry. The reason? For one, she was raped by someone that should have been a protector. For two, she is now carrying his child, which will probably be deformed and/or retarded. For three, her state expects her to keep the baby, even though it is a product of incest rape. Last but not least, her family's beliefs would never allow their daughter to have an abortion, no matter what. This girl should be furious! And it is possible that her anger of the situation she was thrown in may spark a law change for her state, if she ever came forward.

3.3 ex.: A guy received his paycheck and noticed he was shorted almost $100. He gets angry because he needed that money. In a fit, he storms into the pay roll office and demands it fixed. The woman tells him it may be a few days before he can get the rest of his money, so he explains in a tight voice that he cannot wait for it. After hearing the desperation mixed within the anger, the woman figures out a way to get it to him by the end of the day. This kind of anger is considered 'almost unnoticeable'. The reason? He had a right to be angry, most would be. If he didn't show his anger, then it would have taken days before he would have received his money, which would have caused a bill to be late. Because of his anger, the woman felt the need to calm him down the best way she knew how, and that was to give him his money. Neither party was injured, and once resolved, the guy probably apologized for his rudeness.

1.8 ex.: A drug dealer was stiffed for $2,000 worth of cocaine. This made him angry, so he jumped in his car with a few of his friends. They went to the house where the guy that stiffed him lived. The dealer and his three friends whipped out guns and begin shooting the house up. This kind of anger is wrong. The reason? The drug dealer could have went to the guys house and used a good dose of healthy anger, which could have scared the guy into paying. Instead, he unleashes hot lead randomly into the house, not knowing if the guy is even there. Maybe there are kids there, a grandma, or a mother. This guy is bad, not because he's a drug dealer, but because he doesn't care who he hurts.

Syn: Pride

Pride is another natural emotion. Everyone will feel some kind of pride throughout their lives. Being proud does not mean you are a wicked person, as long as it is kept close.

5.0 ex.: A father's son graduated from college with honors. The father feels pride in his son's accomplishment, and the son feels pride in completing school with a great chance of finding a great job. Both the father and son tell others of this accomplishment. This kind of pride is well earned and great. The reason? As long as pride in something is kept close, meaning one doesn't go around bragging (which can sometimes make others feel less of a person) and rubbing it in people's faces, then it is a great thing. This is definitely worthy of praise.

2.5 ex.: This guy writes blogs all the time. Most of the blogs he writes, though, are controversial blogs, aimed at causing others to rethink their views. The more he writes, the more he learns, because people are quick to point out any flaws that may be within them. When he looks back at the blogs he wrote a year ago, and compares them with current blogs, he see's that he is becoming better. He begins to take pride in his words, and how they may effect the future of those that read them. This kind of pride is unnoticeable. The reason? If I never called this guy out on his pride, more than likely no one would have ever known he was prideful of his words. His pride doesn't help, nor does it hurt. It's personal.

1.2 ex.: This kid has parents that are rich and can afford to get their kid anything she wants. She walks around school, bragging how she got a prize winning horse, back stage passes for the hottest band, and how great it is to be rich. This is horrible! The reason? How many poor kids heard her taking pride in her wealth? Her Syn of pride made others around her feel the Syn's of coveting and anger, all which are Syn's that will fall below the 2.5 mark. When pride hurts those around you, it becomes wrong.

Syn: Killing

In the last 30,000 years, we have seen humans kill for many different reasons. With this Syn, there is no middle ground. It is either a good thing or a bad thing.

5.0 ex.: Two drug addicts break into a house, not realizing there was people there. Quickly, they grab everyone and tie them up and drag them into the basement. The two guys begin to torture the bound family, laughing at their screams. A neighbor hears a scream, calls the police, then runs to the house to see what's up. Never to be caught unprepared, the neighbor pulls out his pistol and creeps down the stairs. He finds the scene disturbing, and yells for the two druggies to stop or he will shoot. The two pull out their own guns and turn to face him. The neighbor unloads his gun into both of them, killing them. This is an act of high praise. The reason? If he wouldn't have killed the two guys, they would have surely killed him, along with the tortured family. Killing to protect your life, or the life of those that you love, is natural and should never be considered wrong.

1.0 ex.: Use the same story as above, but the two druggies actually kill the family and the neighbor. This is wrong. The reason? Killing another human for, pleasure, anger, jealousy, greed, or any other stupid reason will create even more of the wrong Syn's than it originally began with! Killing another human should only happen in self preservation, and only when there is no other choice.

Syn's can be our friend, or they can destroy us. Taking a Syn and using it in the wrong way will only create problems, which usually brings more of the wrong Syn's with it. Almost everyone knows what is right and what is wrong, but people want to add extensions (like a god) and tell you the only way to live a good, moral life is to trust in a god. I'm here to tell you this assumption is wrong. We all Syn and most of us use it in the proper way, because we are a society that needs to respect our neighbors.

This is it for part 2 of the Syn: The New Code for living a Moral Life session. Stay tuned for part 3 and remember,

"To Syn is not the end, but the goodness of Syn can and will better all of our lives."

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