Taboo Against Discussing the Relationship of Religion to Homelessness Prevents Action

I have been a homelessness activist for some time. I've worked with lots of homeless people and I've been homeless myself. There's a taboo subject inside the realm of homelessness, one which can really cause people to flip out on you. That subject is the relationship of religion to teen and young adult homelessness.

A while back, I decided to slide it into one of my pages on homelessness in which I discuss causes of homelessness. Unsurprisingly, I had to moderate a number of comments including foul language, etc, and experienced some retaliatory downvoting. But much to my surprise, I've gotten some messages of support including a "Finally! No one else will touch this subject!"

The subject of homelessness is a very complex one but this one area of it is pretty easy to understand and, if it could be addressed and stopped literally millions of teens would not wind up on the streets.

The page I wrote has gotten, overall, a very good response, even from some religious people. I'd like some input on how far I can go next. The page is Some Reasons People Become Homeless. I think it has slid in under the radar because the part about the relationship of religious belief to homelessness is just a small section of the whole.

Do you think I could pull off an entire page on the relationship of religious beliefs to teen (and young adult) homelessness without alienating a mostly religious audience?

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Comment by HotMess on December 24, 2009 at 1:02am
Read your article and found it to be very well organized and informative.
For the next article, since there aren't as many reasons that teens run away, the religious factor would probably affect all of the other reasons even if you didn't write a specific section for religious differences.



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