How is it that desire for someone can strip you of you confidance, knoledge, and lessons you have learned in a single momment? All the things that you logically know dissapear and you left with all these new feelings and fears that you never knew that you had. and now the things that you have been striving for seem so far out of reach, no kind words can comfort the thougths that consume you. The strong you feel for someone the more lost you can become, and now its the 10 extra min in front of the mirror when true beauty falls from you lips of spoken thoughts not the amount of hairspray thats falling on your head. So to you my frineds when you start to stutter, and loose your positive view on yourself, just know that your not alone, and they too feel the same thing that you are going through, and remember to see your self as others see you a gorgeous creature that posseses the world at your finger tips.

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