pedos are ill and need understanding....their wives couldn't understand their need, so they went to the people who COULD, the tight little boys and very sexy 12 year old girls, who understand the needs of an adult male! PEDOS will be exposed! no more mr. nice about it! you pedos be advised, your lives are over, we are growing a new movement to EXPOSE the PEDOS! your sins of the past against our sisters and brothers is not forgotten nor forgiven. your corruption of kids will be corrected as soon as we decide WHAT would be the appropriate punishment or retribution...get ready baby-sitter fucker. you life is going to be very different from now on....

tolerance has brought amurikuh islam, stupid! which insists on being the ONLY LAW! try reading the koran and reconcile THAT with your 'tolerance'? you fucking chuch people have yielded without any confrontation AT ALL. capitulation is easy, like praying, is'nt it? like all religious fanatics, typical actions...sit on your ass and do nothing...while rational people are dissed for daring to think out loud! fuck ALL your gods! keep your opinions public and watch the shit storm of abusive christard defense come down like rain...gutless and hiding in their 'book' of useless conflict resolution.

oh, please! to conceptualize fear with nature is foolish. 'fear' is a clumsy word to describe the 'initiation impulse' of the brain...what is that? can i eat or fuck it? or is it going to eat or fuck me? there is NO other 'primitive' brain response. eat, shit, fuck, sleep. that' all folks. make a decision for once, to be rational and declare how very limited our education is. as a direct result of the interference of the religions we tolerate! time to turn the game and STOP tolerating the poison that is religion!!!! religion has poisoned our very communication skills. the nature brain will assess danger and make a decision, the religious mind will become cave-bear shit, praying for a sign or help.

muslims are always telling us that u cant understand the quran unless u read it in arabic...

That confuses me as the quran is actually written in syro-aramaic NOT arabic...!

fuck off with the defense of insanity. sad sadia has no opinion which didn't originate while the overseer watched. any independent thinking by women, is met with violence or the threat of. when a 13 year old girl is WHIPPED for possessing a fucking cell phone, and your religion approves, this is beyond defense. stoning people for falling in love and having sex? acid bath, anyone? fuck you and your imaginary friend. take your god and all of your bullshit and fuck off. marriage to children?


take your islamo defense somewhere else. people who can read and are allowed to ask questions without fear of death, simply cannot co-exist with your so-called religion. your threats of violence have had an effect on the world, yup! we don't like you and we are NOT afraid to tell you to fuck off! we are manifold and unrelenting, we will put an END to religion's hold on society by making YOU, you poor mis-informed, uncaring, selfish things, face the truth of your own bullshit.

we will continue to insult and degrade the things that annoy us. like islam. pitiful and stupid, every day! some new item about how stupid you look to the world, and yet, you think the press is assisting you? see how stupid islam has made you? you are angry with me. THAT'S a result of your imaginary godthink...fuck off and learn something new, IF YOU CAN. your god may prohibit you from READING another book!?!?!? how nice. fuck off islam. take your shit and go back home, we are NOT amused by your selfish antics.

kill because they disagree? the proposition is acceptable. WE disagree with YOU! we have the bomb, and we will USE it. islamo shitstains,  be advised, the cost will be too great, your defeat is internal, as you have no courage to think without guidance. there is NO independent thinking in islam, is there? fuck off.

this turd has a 15 year old girl as a wife and YOU ARE UPSET BY LANGUAGE??? fuck you and your too sensitive attitude. so-called 'fowl' (or foul?) language is useful to get your attention or make a point more emotional. to add an element of intensity, if you don't like the language use, wait til you have a headbag forced upon you, and after you are used, thrown away, like the infidel you are? will you still be upset by bad words? fuck you. you are the problem we thinkers face in the west EACH day! insulted by godthink! mindless symps, join islam! it's where you'll be treated with 'respect'. what bullshit. if your 15 year old daughter was this girl, what would you say to your son-in-law? and why no comments about how the righteous talibombs KILLED THE COP!?????? another murder of the police. oh, well, they don't curse! fuck off with the religious defense. try to justify circumcision. go ahead on, fucko, try.

588 comments. and NOT ONE!!! mentions the murder of the police officer by the towellbombs! only mine honors the courage of this woman. the rest of you, use the forum for your own glory, you holes! worse than vampires, you are akin to black holes which devour everything in their area. fuck you and your chuch. tax the fuckers, make them finally pay for their 'privilege'! thanks if you've read this far, for your time. i am iceburrg an old, crabby former marine recon killer. semper fi motherfuckers.

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