Last week on April 15th I was at the dentists office. Nothing major, just a check up. Well, in this town I’m in FOX is on every TV that’s in a gym or restaurant or waiting room. They won’t turn it on MSNBC nor CNN….but only FOX. Yes, this is a small reactionary town that I’m currently in. In fact, the highway bypasses the place. It use to go through the town, but now it just goes past it.
Well, as you well know, it was the “Tea Bag” day. And of course, those there were calling themselves, “Tea baggers.”
Now, some of us actually get out and have a life. Others, like the vast majority of those at these protests, didn’t know what the day to day use of the term “tea bagger” or “tea bagging” meant. I just rolled. People in the waiting room thought I was off my rocker.
Odd thing is, at most of these “protests” people were there not just for “taxes” but other things. Like, oh say, they were against gun control, abortion, chewing gum, and so on.
What was funny was when the “reporter” for FOX would interview people and they weren’t there to castigate Obama. They were there for such things as government spending, the bail outs and so on. It was so bad that FOX had to bring one of their “talking heads” on to lambaste the President, his programs and so on. Yup, “fair and balanced” reporting.
Odd how these individuals and FOX never ever protested during the Bush administration nor the first six years of Mr. Bush’s presidency, when the national debt went from 3.8 Trillion to over 9 Trillion dollars.
Odd, isn’t it.
But hey, if you’re giggling like a school girl and getting your palm greased by government spending you would get upset about having to pay for the stuff when the bill comes due.
But that’s not why I’m writing this post. It was one of the signs a “protester” was carrying. It had a picture of Sean Hannity on it.
His mouth was open….as it always is…
And there was an arrow pointing to his chin.
There was a caption…..
It read…
“Put your ‘TEA BAGS’ here…”
And yes, it was on FOX…LIVE ON FOX….

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Comment by Rick on April 23, 2009 at 8:20pm
Oh, Dallas...... you've not been living under a bridge but I'm sure if you call the local FOX channel they'll be more then glad to show
Comment by Rick on April 23, 2009 at 2:28am
The Mil and Intel people have been hurting money wise since the Cold War ended. When I was at a Guard state wide meeting we all agreed that the "War on Terror" was "Cold War II." But this time, there won't be an end....
Think about that..... all these clowns with no one to hate? They had nothing to do. Budgets are saved.....



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