Teabagger threatens to kidnap me. Or maybe word-salad me to death?

As most are aware, Arizona recently passed a demand-to-see-your-papers law: Anyone who 'looks' like they could be an illegal immigrant can be stopped on that suspicion alone and must provide proof of citizenship or legal residency. If you don't have such proof on you, even if you are a legal resident, you can be jailed up to 6 months just for not having the proper paperwork on your person.

One would think that the freedom-loving, privacy-loving, constitution-is-sacred, small-government extreme right wing of this nation, paranoid that the Obama Administration is Nazi Germany and stormtrooping all over their rights would be hotly opposed to such a draconian law.

Except that the law was passed by the extreme right wing. "Illegal" implies "Illegal Mexican." Confident that it's not their rights being stomped on, only the rights of brown-skinned, Hispanic-looking people, the White Right is perfectly fine it.

I live in Arizona and rapidly formed my own statement on the subject, displayed in the back window of my RV which is currently also my homeless-home and my primary vehicle until I can afford to fix the motorcycle.

I'm in Flagstaff right now. College town that it is, Flagstaff is one of the most progressive cities in Arizona. Days after the law was passed, the city council voted unanimously to actively not enforce it. Indeed, I've gotten a few happy thumbs-ups from other motorists around town.

This morning, I also got my first negative response, left on my windshield:

100 point bonus to anyone who can explain what the frack this induhvidual is talking about.

Granted, it's probably just a harmless Teabagger who can't spell or form complete sentences. But, 'Kidnapping' coupled with 'You may be next' ... Just over the line enough that I did indeed file a police report and they agreed, better to start a paper trail just in case it's recurrent. Or I really do get kidnapped.

Kidnapped with a smiley face!

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Comment by Jo Jerome on May 19, 2010 at 11:49pm
It probably is a harmless loony, but the harmless loonies need to know that threats aren't funny in this context.

Well, ok. This one actually is pretty funny. But y'all know what I mean.
Comment by Little Name Atheist on May 19, 2010 at 9:56pm
Evidently you aren't getting pulled over because you are "a stupid Kanook".

I have deciphered it thusly: "Drug cartel kidnappings: Arizona is #1 in the USA. It appears they will be happy if you get kidnapped. I'm glad you reported this. It could be just some loony Teabagger, like you said, but some of these folks actually are taking it to the next step.



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