Ten Commandments but not 610 Jewish Commandments.....

Sarah Falin...er…Palin was being interviewed and said something to the effect that the United States laws were based on the Ten Commandments.
This only proves that the quality of the American Education system is in very bad need of repair.
And to think that this individual could have been a heart beat away from the Presidency.
Now, mind you I know this women is out to make a buck.
She does not care what she says.
She does not care if anyone gets hurt by what she says.
She does not care if there are any ramifications from her speeches.
She put the “dollar” above her duties as the duty elected Governor of Alaska.
She did not care about her supporters.
She did not care about the people of Alaska.
She did not care that she “burned” those who worked to put her into the Governor office of Alaska.
It’s all about the “dollar.”
Now she’s out saying that the United States laws are based or should be based on the Ten Commandments.

Well how about we “bump it up a notch” and instead of just using the Ten Commandments, we use the JEWISH COMMANDMENTS!
There are 610 Commandments that the Jewish religions must follow.
Not 10.
Not 20.
Not 30...
BUT 610!

Funny thing, this guy named Jesus was Jewish.
He had to follow all 610 of them.
Supposedly Palin is one of his “followers” when not chasing the almighty dollar.
So doesn’t just stand to reason that if this guy name Jesus had to follow all 610, don’t you think one of his most out spoken followers should follow the same 610?

Now that just might put a kink in Falin’s …er Palin’s reasoning…If there is any reasoning.
But we all know the dirty truth.
Palin is out to make a buck.
Plain and simple, it’s all about the money.

Now I’ve mentioned before in another posting that I’m all for putting Commandments in the public schools.
I want the JEWISH COMMANDMENTS put in the schools.
All 610 of them.
Hey, this guy name Jesus had to follow them so why not his followers?
And hey, the Jewish kids already follow them so part of the battle of getting the kids to do so has already gotten a foothold.
What more could you ask?

When the United States was created the laws did away with Kings, Queens, and noble titles. There wasn’t an official religion for the country. The Founding Father’s had good reason for that. Seems that King George III was also the head of the Church of England. They had first hand experience under that kind of rule.
They didn’t want it.
Hint hint hint.
Again, this shows the failings of the American education system because if Palin had had a decent education she would have known this.
But she bounced around colleges like a ball bounces off a wall.

While I don’t put much if any “stock” of what Palin saids, what bothers me is that there are those who do.
And it’s these individuals that scare me.

So what’s your take on this?

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Comment by Rick on May 13, 2010 at 12:14pm
That's a good point John D. Thanks.
You see, I'm somewhat at a disadvantage or an "advantage" depending upon how you look at it.
I tried church when I was in the third grade. I attended for about two months or so.
So, I'm not well versed in the "bible" as others are on here.
I've been an atheist since age 6.
So things like being a follower of Paul is very foreign to me.
A few months ago I went to a Free Thought convention for the first time.
There I met a women who had become an atheist.
It was interesting to hear her talk about no longer worrying about there being "something" always watching her.
Or that there was in fact no "Hell" at all.
So I've never have that feeling of being, well, under 24/7 surveillance.
I can only imagine how that feels.
My heart really went out to that women and all those like her.
On a side note, this taking what you want that fits your needs reminds me of how political leaders in the former communist bloc countries defined Marxism. They took what they needed and ignored the rest.
But as I’ve been told by those who’ve studied the bible, you can prove or disprove anything with the bible. The same applied to Dos Kapital.
Comment by Rick on May 13, 2010 at 12:08pm
Dannyisme....I stand corrected.....lol



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