The Pope is the leader of the largest single religious organization in the world. The Catholic Church prides itself of their strong faith in God, their Lord and Savior. Now that the Pope and the Church are in the middle of a worldwide scandal and literally a billion people are praying for them, I have to wonder if God will answer those prayers.

This really is a test of the Pope’s faith since he and the Vatican have all but ignored the actual scandal. Instead of being open to world authorities and inviting a comprehensive impartial investigation, the Vatican has closed their doors, doubled security, and blamed the media, gays, the devil, the Jews, and anyone else they could think of.

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Comment by Johnsky on April 14, 2010 at 6:53pm
A few of the popes aides have suggested that the pope should be "sheltered" from hearing further criticism about his church or his actions.

I have faith the pope will royally screw this up.



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