Hi Guys, thanks for the warm welcome. I tend to be a bit turned off by the implication that we "have it right" or are "the holders of the truth" or any of that stuff and so I am hesitant to join groups here just yet until I figure out the culture of said groups. I'm an atheist/agnostic, though I tend to hate to define myself in the theist terms of atheist. Indeed, I don't like to reference "God" or "gods", I feel like *for me* it is enough to just live a life mostly free of magical thinking and eye the world with wonder and skepticism.
I think a lot of people are here to escape judgement, and while I loathe what the church does in the political arena, especially in regards to women and social politics, I try not to judge people for believing in something that works for them and coax them out of a cult like mentality. That said, their freedom of belief ends where my personal space and rights begin. And as people who do not live with religion, I think we also have to find a right tone between converting people over to our community and being obnoxious, overbearing proselytizers.
Anyway, I'll find my place on here, I'm just looking around. I joined because I have been free from religion since I was a kid and because I like Brother Richard and the community he is trying to create.

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Comment by Steph S. on August 31, 2011 at 5:12pm
Hi Mary -- it's nice to have you here.



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