Thanksgiving prayer and Prayers in general are useless

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving I got to go eat with the family and It wouldn't be so bad if for one thing.

Charlie my great uncle is not so great! He leads us all in prayer over the meal..Something no body but him cares about. Any family gathering without him in it is prayer free. I could handle "the father thank you for the food part" But the "Save the lost part" annoys the crap out of me Because it's basically saying make us all Christian.

What's the point of blessing food any way?
I never once see God float in a cloud and Wave a magic wand blessing the food.
I have ate a lot of "unblessed" Food and I have lived to tell about it...Shit just awhile ago I ate a hardees monster burger with no blessings.

Why thank a God for the food anyway a God didn't do shit for the meal.
Why not thank the family for preparing the meal?
Maybe send a letter to the factory that made the food and Say good job!
A lot of hard work and Energy goes into growing crops, raising turkeys, meat in them factories Then You have your family working their fingers off preparing the food so who deserves the thanks?

If a God gave us food why are there people starving in other countries? Ever seen one of those feed the children commercials? Why is that required if some God is feeding them?

This reminds me of when your a kid thinking Santa brings you presents when it's really mom and dad.
This leads up to the next part of my blog about why prayers in general are useless!

Prayer is useless

First let me prove my point with a story:

Let's say your in the middle of the ocean your in an inter-tube.You fall asleep, Then wake up...You notice you have drifted far away from shore it's so tiny it looks like a spec of dust..You see a shark fin in the water! You panic kicking, splashing, and Screaming out to God to rescue you.
A man in a boat is asleep but Is awakened by your screaming so he turns on the motor and Rescues you.

Who rescued you? Was it the man sleeping in the boat or God?

It's like this a lot of times isn't it? Someone will rescue someone maybe a police officer will help a victim of a crime, A fireman puts out a fire or A doctor rescues you from death. Supposedly, God puts you in danger obviously cause everything is according to his plan right? Then You beg for mercy he sends someone to rescue you. If there is a God why does he need to send someone? He created the universe couldn't he just reach down his hand and Pick you up?

Religious people always claim "God did it" When they get what they want or Need when it's usually someone giving it to them or Them doing it themselves.
Like my friend Seth claims God gave me my job...NO! He did not it took me putting in an application and Talking to the boss. No God is getting credit for something I do on my own!
Sadly, People give this God credit for things they got on their own or That people did for them.
Damn it ,If I rescue you in a boat I better get a thank you and Not a fictitious God!

Children have died because family believed God was going to heal them check out this article:

Here's a quote from there:
"Children's Health Care Is a Legal Duty estimates that roughly 300 children have died in the United States since 1975 because care was withheld. Their parents often testify that they love their children and their God - an argument that receives a sympathetic hearing from judges and prosecutors."

300 chlidren have died and Here's a story in the article:
"In 2008, 15-month-old Ava Worthington fell ill in Oregon. Her parents, Carl Brent Worthington and Raylene Worthington, allowed a simple cyst on her neck to grow to the size of a softball as they anointed her with oil and administered small amounts of wine, according to trial testimony. Ava died of a blood infection and pneumonia."

Poor little Ava...You'd think if a loving God existed it'd surely, lend it's powerful hand to a little baby.
I looked up Ava Worthington and found this:

"OREGON CITY -- Carl and Raylene Worthington told detectives that they never considered calling a doctor, even as their 15-month-old daughter deteriorated and died.

"I don't believe in them," Carl Worthington said of doctors. "I believe in faith healing."

Raylene Worthington said that her religious beliefs do not encompass medical care and that she would not have done anything different for her - daughter, who died at home of pneumonia, a blood infection and other complications.

In Clackamas County Circuit Court on Wednesday, prosecutors played videotaped police interviews with the Worthingtons, who are accused of criminal mistreatment and manslaughter for failing to provide medical care for their daughter. Ava Worthington died March 2, 2008, after her parents and other members of the Followers of Christ tried to treat her with faith healing.

Ava's father, who goes by Brent, his middle name, described what happened:

Ava came down with what appeared to be a cold or the flu on a Tuesday. By Saturday, her breathing became labored and the family turned to its traditional faith-healing rituals, praying, fasting, anointing the body with oil, administering diluted wine and laying on of hands.

By Sunday, Brent Worthington said he thought there was "a possibility" his daughter was so sick she could die. Then, after a final session of laying on of hands at about 5 p.m., "she perked up," he said. She grabbed her bottle and "took some food."

"She was peaceful; she was rested," Worthington said.

Two hours later Ava was dead.

The interviewers, Detectives Michelle Finn and James Rhodes of the Clackamas County Sheriff Office's child-abuse unit, asked pointed questions, and Brent Worthington provided details about his, his family's and his church's beliefs and practices.

He said no one in his immediate family has ever been to a doctor or used prescription or over-the-counter medicine. "It's not something we believe in."

The detectives also asked about the growth on Ava's neck, which swelled during the last days of her life. Prosecutors allege the lump -- a benign cystic hygroma -- impeded her breathing.

The soft lump became more noticeable two months before Ava died and started to get "tight" the day before her death, according to the Worthingtons.

Brent Worthington said he had ultimate responsibility for Ava's care. "I'm the head of the house; it falls to me. The wife follows the husband."

He said he confers with his wife but did not consult with anyone else about treating Ava's illness. Raylene Worthington did not dispute the decision to rely on spiritual healing, he said.

Asked if she would have taken Ava to a doctor if she knew her child was dying, Raylene Worthington said, "I don't know."

Brent Worthington said that forgoing medical treatment is probably difficult for outsiders to understand. For him, medical treatment "is not a question. It's not even thought."

When the detectives told Worthington that the law requires a parent to provide adequate medical care, he said he had provided care.

"I did everything I could do for her," Worthington said. "What I was doing was working," he said. "She was getting relief."

Dr. Christopher Young, the deputy state medical examiner who conducted the girl's autopsy, disagreed. "The absence of action led to her death," said Young, who testified after the jury saw the interviews.

Ava's cyst first appeared when she was a few months old.

By Christmas 2007, the cyst was swollen and likely interfered Ava's with breathing, Young said. "That's the time when a reasonable parent" would have taken a child to a doctor, he said.

Ava's various medical conditions were easily treated, and antibiotics and a simple medical procedure could have saved her right up to the day she died, Young said.

The cyst could have been drained with a needle, providing temporary but instant relief, Young said, and antibiotics could have dampened the infections. "

So Where was God? Was Ava in the wrong church? or Maybe it was her time to go? Damn, God didn't give her much time or The other 300 kids.

You ever watch the news and See people murdered, raped, die from disease, molested, etc....and See people say God gave them strength or rescued them...Why the fuck would a God allow it in the first place?

Prayer is useless and That's why on thanksgiviing I wish I could just eat my food without prayers and Thanks to nothing.

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Comment by willybilly30 on November 27, 2009 at 6:55pm
Why go to all the trouble.
I'd rather just go ahead and eat.
Comment by Mister Harvey on November 26, 2009 at 8:59pm
it's just a fancy way of saying "Let's eat" Two of my favorites:

"Dear Lord, help me be able, to eat all the food, that's on this table"
"Good bread, good meat, good God!, Let's eat"



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