we recently had a bit of a storm where i live, wind and a shit load of rain. it made the roads hellish and im sure that plenty of people had plenty of curses aimed towards the weather. but there is a amazing beauty to storms. how they form  how they act and the over all awe as to what they can do. when i look at the sky in the night and see all the beautiful stars that light up the skyline i think of how we are so small in the big picture of nature we climbed to the top of the evolutionary latter, filled our lived with stimuli and bicker about how we have wants and life will not give us what we are in need of. but do we ever stop and give our self's time to wonder and get intuch with that  childlike part of  us that we so long ago forgot about? remember  how big the world seemed growing up? i do and i believe that it is vital check in with that  childlike wonder every now and then. give it a try and see what happens, your wants and woes just might seem a little bit smaller. let me know how your visit goes with your inner child ok? ---Azel         

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Comment by Ruth Anthony-Gardner on February 15, 2013 at 11:25am

Thanks for sharing your experience, Azel, and you roland707.

Comment by roland707 on November 26, 2011 at 10:41pm
When the tornadoes destroyed so much here in Alabama back in April, I found myself home with no electricity for a few days. I sat out on the steps just looking and listening. It was quiet. It was dark, black. I was looking at the stars, amazed at how many I could see. A hundred times more than usual. I thought about ancient observers like the Mayans. The night sky was amazing to them, and they watched it enough to notice the changes and patterns. We are too distracted now to notice many things that should be impressive. But sometimes, strange circumstances allow us a different view. I also think wants and needs are very confused. I'm glad I have stuff that I want, like this computer. But actual needs? All a person really needs is a tent and a fishing pole, everything else is bonus. haha


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