Theism (As per is “the belief in one God as the creator and ruler of the universe, without rejection of revelation”. Those who follow this age old belief are, as I call them, 'Theists'. What good has 'Theists' offered to the world? Well, they have offered only destruction to this world. They have killed MILLIONS over petty, 'Religious Wars'. They stoop to under-handed attempts to block out any thought that goes against anything they say, under their false banner of hope.

Theism is just a house for those who are ignorant, and those who like to control those who are ignorant. I propose that to those who read this blog, offer Enlightenment of knowledge to those who are ignorant, offer them true hope in Atheism, and without ignorant people, Theism will crumble in on itself. It is time that Atheism should be on the main stage with the other Religions and remove the 'Theist' banner of false hope!

We might be ridiculed by others, but we have always been ridiculed by 'Theism'. It is now the Age of Knowledge, the Age of Atheism, and The Age of Anti-Theists. 'Theists' had their chance and they blew it. 'Theism' is just a relic of the past and we must not make the same mistakes as they did; we must not be just another failed attempt to stop the evils of 'Theism'! It is our time, Our Age! The Age of Darkness, The Age of Ignorance, The Age of 'Theists' is over!

The Age of Enlightenment has just begun. Join Us.

Viva Atheism.

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