I am proud to inform that I have created a brand new atheist blog named "The Atheist News" which is to be found at http://atheistnews.blogs.fi

This blog will be an avenue to publish all the interesting rational and sometimes irritatingly irrational things I encounter in my travels in wide world of the computer internet.

I have published over time a lot of links in Facebook, but as you know Facebook is a perishable commodity. I think many of these links hare a more longstanding value than for a few hours things stay afloat in the ever-flowing world of Facebook and so I created this blog where they will stay available for years to come.

I have on already another English blog at http://beinghuman.blogs.fi, but I have long ago decided to keep it as place where I publish my longer and more deeper ponderings, that is to say the essay-class stuff.

That has left me with no avenue for short musings on daily news on the bizarre world of religious beliefs and rational thought.

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