Oh, I just don't feel like writing a review now, but I enjoyed the book, and the author was interviewed on the Atheist Talk. I really like the discussion of how to choose your own meaning. I guess I am an existentialist and just never knew the word really applied me. Sortoflike the way I learned I was an atheist and then a sceptic and then a humanist and so forth. Here is a huge segway. During my college years, I was telling a girlfriend's father that I really liked Isaac Asimov. He said, "Really? Don't you know he wrote the humanist manifesto?" I hadn't known. So when I got home I looked up the manifesto online and bingo. I wonder how much I was being prepared for atheism and humanism while I was reading scifi like Asimov, Vonnegut, and Adams. I am really surprised in retrospect that my parents let me read their books.

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Comment by Greg Lammers on March 3, 2009 at 10:33am
I just picked up "The Atheist Way" last week and haven't gotten a chance to get started on it. I am looking forward to it though. Good point about your parent's books, reading is dangerous and good librarians are heroes!

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