Having some free time on my hands I decided to waste it surfing the net. So I’ve really gotten into being an atheist lately. Now I’ve been one since I was in the first grade. I was about 6 or 7 at the time so I’m not new at this. And I did try religion when I was in the 3ed grade but it just wasn’t “right” for me.

Now I’ve been exposed to it all my life. Went to a high school run by a Lutheran minister. But he didn’t preach at us. Really he didn’t and he was pretty cool looking back at it. When I first started college (or for your English types, “at University”) I attended a local Baptist University. There we had to attend Chapel and assembly twice a week for the first two years of study there. It was a requirement. Later you had to study Christianity. Well the Southern Baptist view of it.

Now there were some wonderful speakers the university brought in and not all of them were there to talk about religion. One day I saw a fellow student walk past me and out a side door. Before the side door closed I saw him exit the building through a back exit. Upon seeing this I too exited the building. And that is how I kept my sanity while attending there. But I digress.

Well like I said I was wasting time surfing the net looking for some atheist things out there. I came across some stuff on Flickr. That’s where I found this video about the ATHEIST’S NIGHTMARE! Okay okay so here we go again some bible pounder found something yet again in the bible that will just stop an atheist short. But the picture had a BANANA on it. A BANANA? What has a banana got to do with atheists? Well it got my curiosity up and like I said I was just wasting time surfing the net so I clicked on it.

YOU HAVE JUST GOT TO WATCH THIS! It just THROWS ANY and I mean ANY reasoning RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW! And of course, when this guy points out it was designed for MAN’S HAND the first thing I thought of was a Chimp or a Guerrillas hand.

I just started to laugh. I mean I rolled. You may not find it as funny as I did but I live in the Bible belt and there are a TON of people like this around.

So this is an Atheist’s Nightmare? Well, he may be right. I mean to think that there are those individuals out there who actually believe this sort of thing, who wouldn’t be having nightmares thinking about it?



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Comment by Rick on February 2, 2009 at 4:44pm
Comment by Buffy on February 1, 2009 at 10:04pm
I guess god didn't tell Ray Comfort that the banana evolved just like pretty much everything else.

Comment by Drew on February 1, 2009 at 9:59pm
Rick, you have seen the rather lengthy reply to this from a British poster named Gisbourne, right? Where he shows what a wild banana looks like? In other words, for Ray Comfort, "God" is the New Guinea farmers who domesticated the banana.
Comment by Moonbeam on February 1, 2009 at 7:46pm
What an idiot! He's completely wrong. It's much easier to open a banana from the other end, using your god-given fingernail, if you don't bite them off that is, thereby not crushing the delicate tip, and effectively pulling out the yucky black thing on the end, allowing for more complete consumption.

God because banana.



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