The Banned Atheist Network (The B.A.N.) going live.

In case you hadn't tried it, (DU) is a popular liberal blog, with an occasionally good Religion forum for believers and Nones to try and discuss issues reasonably.

After I was banned from DU, I asked here at A/N, in this discussion, "Are Democrats locking atheists out in advance of 2012?" in large part because I believe they just got done purging the site of vocal atheists. I was tombstoned for no apparent reason, at all, except maybe that I kept in touch with another vocal atheist who had been banned the same day (and who was one of the hosts of the Atheists/Agnostics group up to that point).

Since then, DU's Religion forum is practically singing Kumbaya. Not that every atheist was purged, or that those who remain aren't some of them vocal, but the debate tone has definitely shifted to the hand-holding liberal Christian crowd on the "reclaim the Real (Liberal) Jesus" crusade.

Well, it's not the first time I've been banned from a website. Previously, though, it was always from right-wing or religious sites and forums, not liberal -- supposedly progressive -- sites. Rather than get pissed, I decided to put my webmastery to noble use, and created a new site for us Banned Atheists.

Part news blog, part social network, and part forum system, I'm calling it The Banned Atheist's Network (The B.A.N.) Until I get a URL for the site, interested folks can find it at the following location:

Registration is free and open to all nonbelievers.

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