Imagine that you are having a dinner party with family and friends. Your best friend is a muscular dude who's been trained in many forms of martial arts and combat. He's a trained shooter, and carries a concealed weapon all the time. He is a killing machine. He's standing outside your house protecting you and your property. Your best friend lets a suspicious looking guy trespass into your home and that guy starts shooting up everything and everyone inside. You cry and beg for help from your best friend but he does absolutely nothing. He ignores your plea for help. All he does is stand by the window and watches as your friends and family take a bullet to the head. The shooter then flees the house and your best friend still stands there and watches as the murderer slips away into the night. If this happened to you... would you still trust in someone like that? Isn't he just as bad and guilty as the shooter? Would you still be their friend? A person that sees everything and is capable of doing something about it but does nothing about it is NOT a REAL friend. Notice my emphasis on "NOT" and "REAL" and you will see where I am going with this. ;)

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