The Biggest Fact of the Human Adventure

It is an absolute fact that:

This is the only picture of the human adventure (1) that is strongly based in a solid fact set from our modern knowledge base and (2) that also assigns a meaningful function for our species in the scheme of things:

The universe created the first life form on this planet and is therefore a living organism itself because only one life form can create another one. As a life form, its primary agenda is to reproduce itself, which it is in the process of doing by creating us – that is, by creating life forms who are intelligent enough to figure out how the Big Bang occurred and how to create a new one. We will solve this puzzle because solving puzzles is what we do. Along the way, we will discover an irresistible reward built into the system for us to go along with this reproductive agenda because that's the way natural reproductive systems work.

The fact set below constitutes proof of the above picture beyond any reasonable doubt – that is, to the highest level of certainty in human affairs short of scientific demonstration:

(1)  There are no known exceptions to the rule that one life form can be created only by another life form.

(2) There is no plausible, verifiable reason to reject the idea that some first life form appeared on this planet in the natural unfolding of events in the universe.

(3)  Every life form has one primary agenda:  Performing the reproductive act for its species.

(4)  When any animal above some minimal level of intelligence is required to perform a key role in a reproductive system, some utterly compelling reward is always built into the system to make sure that the role is carried out.

(5)  The theory that the universe originated from a Big Bang was confirmed by the detection of the Big Bang's residual thermal radiation in the mid-1960s.

(6)  Ever since then, cosmologists have been busily at work trying to figure out how the Big Bang was created.

(7)  Our scientists have an excellent record of solving the problems that they tackle – and of turning their discoveries into practical technologies.

The big fact cited at the beginning of this post is not just an absolute fact.

It is the Biggest Fact of the Whole Human Adventure because it has no competitors. It is unique. It is the only choice available.

If you will be satisfied with nothing less than a picture of the human adventure with a factual basis that rises to the level of “hanging evidence” and that gives some profound meaning to life, the picture in the big fact above is your only option.

Whether or not you believe at first glance that you will ever be able to go along with it, the point that it is the only game in town gives this picture a special status that is very likely to make it worth your time to think it through.


For one thing (just to get your thinking started), ask yourself what the reward could be to motivate us to create a new Big Bang.

And consider this fact: The historical record of our species in anticipating what the natural world will tun out to be like tells us that we have the strongest tendency to tremendously underrate the possibilities.

For example, the common opinion used to be that the sun was somewhere between the size of a Roman shield and a Roman chariot. Big mistake.

The stars and planets (which did not include earth at the time) were originally thought to be some small number of miles above the earth. Another enormous miss.

Just a short time ago, the whole universe was believed to be only a few thousand years old. Oh, me. Missed that one by 15,000,000,000 years, give or take.

I probably don't even need to mention the fact that the existence of other galaxies didn't enter the world of scientific facts until the 1920s and that estimates of the number of galaxies now come in at something like 1,000,000,000,000.

Now consider the point that in creating our religions, we worked out the kinds of rewards that motivate us on the deepest level of life – things like immortality, forgiveness for our sins, eternal love, and seventy-two virgins to enjoy for eternity in paradise. So, if you ask yourself where to begin in estimating our reward in the natural system of reproduction for the universe itself, a fair way to approach the problem is to take the list given above and multiply it in your thinking by 1,000, 000,000,000. Or just to be safe, make that just 1,000,000,000.

To put it simply, if you have any fair claim to reason and sanity, you ought to fervently hope that we do turn out to be critical actors in the natural reproductive system of the universe.

That is by far the best deal we could ever hope for in the scheme of things because the reward we can reasonably expect, when and if we do work it out, is almost certain to be literally far, far, far, better than anything we can even imagine now.

Also, unlike the promises of our religions, such a reward would be demonstrable up front to an experiential, scientific certainty because Mother Nature never counts on pie-in-the-sky promises to produce results in her reproductive systems.

Is your thinking started yet?


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