Throughout human history from the time of the cave drawings of stone-age art to the theistic religions of today men have always claimed knowledge of a spiritual realm. Everywhere people have settled contact has been made by the chosen few with the world beyond the senses, with each and every connection being different only in cultural aspects.  Consequently there’s no such thing as a hierarchy of religious authority; the pope in Rome is equally as deluded as a witch- doctor.

The Aztec and Maya practice of human sacrifice has long been regarded as barbaric by civilized religions like Christianity, and Spanish priests were appalled at the inhumanity of it; human sacrifice obviously a lot harder to come to terms with than human slaughter. But what of their own religion? Was Jesus not a human sacrifice? If true is that not barbaric?

The Aztec practice of cutting out the heart and offering it to their Gods is little different to the flagellation of Christ and the nailing to a cross. If Jesus had been laid on a stone slab surrounded by burning candles, and had his throat cut by a horned beast, his sacrifice would have been no more or less gruesome and all the more celebrated. The spirit world in the minds of men, no matter where their origin of birth or level of sophistication, demands the adoration of punishment.

Religious rituals have always had one defining commonality; blood; It seems to be the only substance capable of fulfilling the imagined requirements of the realm beyond the senses, and Christianity is no exception. The drinking of human blood in memory of Christ is proof positive that people can be too close to ritualistic sorcery to notice the underlying depravity. If a primitive tribe in the amazon jungle were found to be acting thus, devil worship, voodoo, or witchcraft would be the diagnosis of the practice.


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Comment by Michael Penn on August 16, 2015 at 8:05am

Christianity does seem like a black art. Look at the blood and symbolism. Then we have the middle ages when they burned people at the stake saying later in some cases that "they had killed the body but they had saved the soul." This is more than stupid!

But let me drink the blood of Jesus and eat his body. Maybe I can do so and become more like him. Yes, I must pray daily until it is me up there on that cross and I take his place. I must crucify myself daily with the lord.

What hogwash!



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