The Christian Movie "Indoctrination", So Fallacious that it is Funny!

I just finished watching promos and the short version of the movie and realized it contains all the most common fallacies of reason.

Everythting from Strawman, False Analogy, False Dichotomy and even the Slippery Slope fallacy are so obvious in this movie.

Even the Title is a Fallacious.

The only Indoctrination about the Movie is the movie is an attempt to Indoctrinate viewers into believing that public schools are dangerous, which is indeed false.

The only thing public schools are dangerous to is religion, because public schools encourage students to think for themselves, and rational critical thinking is indeed the main enemy of religion.

It is learning to think for themselves that drives children away from religion.

The real indoctrination is what is occurring in Christian and Islamic home schools.

Where children are deliberately discouraged from questioning and criticizing the family religion.

I think this movie produces more fallacies of reason than a Ray Comfort/ Ken Ham video or a William Lane Craig/ Kent Hovind debate and until I viewed this movie, I thought those were impossible tasks.

Here is the short version of "Indoctrination"

And my favourite criticism of it from the very smart and lovely Jaclyn Glenn.

Yes indeed, movies are especially funny when they are full of False Conspiracy Theories and Bullshit, just as that "Indoctrination" movie, certainly is. :-D~

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Comment by Michael Penn on February 20, 2015 at 7:09pm

This is amazing! Believers now try to reverse the meaning of "indoctrination" because they cannot bring god into the classroom. Now it's the secular world indoctrinating them. The hell it is. You wanna teach god and talk about god start your own school system. Do it in sunday school or a religious school. Don't be pissed off because your kid is almost an unbeliever early in his life and attack public schools for it. After all, kids are not raised in a closet.

Now the blind theists start talk about "the one true god" and how this should be taught. Who says "one true god?" According to whom? This is why Muslims are killing each other today and Christians are only about an inch away. The "peace" that everyone claims they have is really a sword. Wake up!

You cannot put church into public school. It just will not work that way.



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