The Chruch Strikes Back ( or at least tries to)

The new year brings many different things to many different people. No matter faith, race, color or creed, there is a certain air of opportunity and hope that permeates peoples lives at the beginning of every new year. It seems like the catholic church is not exempt. 2010 was a great year for scientific study and advancement. From the possibilities of Neptune's diamond core, new estimation of Earth type planets, arsenic based life forms here on earth, and the creation and study of anti-matter particles, the church seems to be losing ground.

Dr Rowan Williams, just published a statement for the BBC concerning the 400 anniversary of KJV of the bible and how it's in depth explanation of the universe should help people understand the "big picture".

"Or you may feel there's only one big story and that's about money and whether I have got a job tomorrow and whether my children can afford higher education." However, for people to make sense of their lives, the archbishop said it helps have a strongly-defined story in the background that tells us that we all matter."

Wow!!! What a shocker!! I have to reread the bible again. I must have missed this "strongly-defined story" the first several times around. Let's see. God, in six days, created the heavens, earth and man. After that he was so exhausted that he had to take a break (pretty lazy of an omnipotent being). It does not get more detailed than that. I mean sure, okay. Adam named all the animals, had a rib taken out, but all we receive from the bible are quick synopsis of the events. I don't find this helping me or anyone with the "big-picture" at all.

It's false hope people. A diversionary tactic to get your mind off of the real issues and discoveries that man is making everyday about what is really going on and what really happened at our beginning. Think this through. The Creation vs Evolution debate is has been going on for quite some time now with the bible being the strongest aspect of the debate. It's had a couple of thousand years to get it right. Yet this year alone, science has shown that we may not be that unique. A life form on this very planet that exchanges phosphorous for arsenic? What can the bible thumping masses say about that? Will they quote the fall of creation? Or maybe it was all part of the plan. You know, one of those many details that god was like "Ummm..ooppps...yeah, sorry about not mentioning that. I thought my son would have come back by now so...yeah..."

I find this a blatant tactic to steer the masses into a false and ignorant hope. Why would religion want to lose it's power over the ignorant? With everything socially that happening, it's scary to throw religion back into the mix of things. I see crusades beginning once again.

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