It is the splendid time of the year, we don't know when the birds produce the first egg this spring, and the baby birds began to follow behind the mother birds, jump and play and be familliar with the arround places which mother used to be everyday, it is June now, I found the same scene as the past years.lovely birds familly -----I did not notice who is father yet----everywhere, they are even in the park near people, ask foods for their children.

One day, my friend visited me in hospital, my daughter was in hospitalization, because of economic bubble, he lost his job now and is looking for some other new job, himself is quite wistful at that moment but in order to break the silence of the hospital, he said:

"Usually, the crow has 3 kinds of croakings, that rythem is 3, 5, and 7......"

He gave an example-----

The voice of crow is like

Ka-ka-ka (3 rythem)

Or Ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka (5 rythem)

Or Ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka-ka (7rythem)

It sounds interesting, rythem could relaxing people's stress, repeat the rythem of crow's singing,if it is a kind of singing, I really feel calmly at that moment.

The following story was happened three weeks later.

After my daughter recovered from hospital, I planed to buy some energy drinks for her, the sun was very warm that day, I walked slowly along the outside way of her school, went to the medicne shop behind the school, but strangly, I heard the croaking of a cow, not followed the rythem of '3-5-7' as the friend told me, it lasted quickly without stop and no rythem totally, from far to near, I found her, a mom , and her child, she is trying to show something to he child, what did she want to do? under the tree, I was seriously, began to count her croaking---

It is not singsing totally, she use all of her strengh to croak out, the speed is faster than the second clock,I began to count---


the croak is continuing,





If there is a God, I really hope he told me the result, at last I got number of 1388 by counting , but she is still continuing.

No one knows how much croakings the mother cry that day, I did not get the first, not get the end either.All she wanted to do is just to show to her child what she could see in the higher place as following.

If you fly a little bit higher as me, you could see a lot of children in school , they are playing water in swimming pool now.

Her instruction way moved me, I am a mother, we have same action to teach our children, but even birds, they have ability of creafully observation , from here I found an answer, why they know how to play with water or take bath in a water pool.They learned it from observation.

The mother croaked so many times to teach her child fly higher, but her child did not understand the meaning of her, that is why she kept crying, compare with crows, human beings have much more learning ability, how lucky we are, thanks God and I love June.

--Written after the wrong diagnosis accident of the doctor in Japan


'What are you doing?mom---'

'Fly higher like me, I am here'

1388 times of croakings????Unbelievable.

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Comment by Secular Sue on June 18, 2010 at 4:03am
I love crows. They do make a lot of noise this time of year. I have some crow friends that go on walks with me in the neighborhood. They know I carry peanuts, or if I've walked to the bakery, they'll get bread. They fly beside my car, escorting me out of the neighborhood. I recognize 2 of them by their feet. One, I call Sidefoot, has a foot that sticks out to one side. The other one, Crump, has a crumpled foot.
I like that, in your picture, you can see the baby crow's blue eye. Good shot!



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