The day I ran into a burning Building which was my officebuilding

My Story Part 2
This series is not told in a chronological order but this is one of my first encounters with concrete danger in Syria during the first months of the war.
My bad luck landed me into working in the local TV station in the south of Syria, a TV station that had no political programs just boring talk shows and ”entertainment” which I was forced to endure 8 hours a day all day every day even on holidays.
I was the Supervisor Engineer/Technician and the deputy of this small station with its small crew 25.
Syria was going through radical changes, wealth for the first time was coming in. The new Private banks, Insurance companies, and many new factories have been hiring people with 5 times what government clerks will get. Those who are left behind are those who never bothered to get a useful university degree or had no private business of their own.
The rebellion started in a part of the city known for Drug trafficking on the third day the rebels burned the criminal court and the police station and the drug police agency. Which makes you wonder what kind of freedom starts with burning down criminals records?

Our station was in a high strategically position that overshadowed the city and we used to broadcast videos from the protests but at some point, the rebels start shooting police officers on the other side who prevented the rebels from going into the middle of the city. We caught them on camera and therefore we broke the myth of “peaceful protestors”.
They were raged with anger and hurled to the TV station and threw Molotov bombs on it and let it burn into flames.
I saw my workplace burning in high flames it was at night and the fire let the whole neighborhood.
My boss runs away to Damascus and that automatically made me the responsible: I called the fire department and they said they could not send any fire trucks because rebels have been shooting at it.
I called my Boss’s boss and he could not do anything since he was in Damascus.
I saw four of my co-workers and five neighbors watching the station burning into flames.
At that point, I did what sensible men will do: I stood in front of them and said:
“I need some volunteers to try to save the equipment’s that worth millions of dollars”
We had over 15 fire extinguishers Co2 and foam
We went inside put off the flame got tons of equipment out and saved the whole day and no one got hurt except few small burns and a guy got a freeze burn on his hand.
When my boss knew he got furious and screamed: “How DARE YOU TO PLAY THE HERO AT MY EXPENSE” . and he reduced my salary 50%

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Comment by Frankie Dapper on September 15, 2017 at 10:44pm

No good deed unpunished

Comment by Imaginary Cat Owner on September 15, 2017 at 1:17pm

I#m so sorry that I had to write it so badly, but I'm not in a good mood.and so tired but I did it anyway.



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