Much as I enjoy the sense of comfort and community I find on sites like this, where intelligent passages and open debate on a subject of critical importance to the future of our species can be scrutinized without fear, I can't help feeling slightly uncomfortable in the fuzzy warmth of kinship, now that like-minded thinkers have found each other.
The sharing of knowledge, philosophies, politics, truths, humor etc. is refreshing, but underneath it all I feel an unease. For me, now that we are "out", it's not good enough to simply revel in the headiness of freedom, I need to do something.
But what? What can I do ?
- Try to "convert" or "save" the taken? Not my style and turns my stomach.
- Write a novel on the subject and tour the world delivering our "word"? It's being done.
- Mount poster, billboard and bus campaigns? See above.
- Start a lobby group? Not my bag.
- Donate to the "cause"? Sure, but still not satisfying.
- Sell "T" shirts and buttons? Bumper stickers? No?

How about creating a "Meme"?

"They" have memes. Some really good ones. Ones that have been "tweaked" over millennium, loopholes closed, motivations entrenched. They may have originally been crafted by stone to bronze age illiterates trying to explain the big questions with nothing but imagination & superstition, but the smart ones, those seeking riches and control, embraced them and made them their own, taking ownership and modifying them to meet their ambitions.
Sooo, what would a non-theistic, or perhaps anti-theistic meme look like? What would it's goal be? What payoff could it offer the infected? What tools would it employ?
It's a big idea, one beyond me alone. But perhaps a group effort to plot the parameters required might see results. If I see some interest in this then a forum posting will be created to explore ideas.

But for now I offer this;

Here's a little project to address the pervasiveness of religiosity in our culture, language, media etc and I'm sure would be part of a greater meme.

Try a little experiment; for one day make note of how many religious references impinge on your senses. It’s everywhere! Even in your language. Millennia of religious jargon & memes have saturated every aspect of our lives. Imagine Hollywood without superstition – no demons, ghosts, vampires, Harry Potter? Sacrilege! (OOPS!). What would a public ceremony be like without the inherent blessing of a deity? What would you say when you stub your toe or cry out in the throes of hot sex?

Now let’s try another experiment; try to go a day without utilizing a religious expletive, reference etc. There are substitutes if you think about it, but they are not at the top of most people’s subconscious, knee-jerk lists. Try to read something or watch a show or movie with no religious or superstitious references, or plot line. You will be surprised at the pervasiveness and how hard it is to counter. But this has to change! How can we claim to be free of the meme if we are socially programmed to use the same jargon as believers or to support superstition (which is the root of belief) through media & entertainment ?

It’s not easy, so baby steps . . .

Reprogram yourself;

Stub you toe? Forget “god damn It!” or “jesus christ!” and go with the tried and true “son of a bitch!” Hot sex? This might be the toughest to change with conscious thought. It might be fun too!

Challenge your friends, family and fellow workers to do so as well.

It’s a beginning.

Any other ideas?


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