‘The Deliberate Poisoning of Earth’ by Utah Author Steve Nelson

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‘The Deliberate Poisoning of Earth’ by Utah Author Steve Nelson

This is a FREE ebook for all! This ebook contains just 4 chapters & over 80 pics; grouped together in the form of Attack Formations. Because Humanity is Under Attack! Today we face Attack from; The Chemtrails Air Assault , Radiation Via Air and Water, The Chemical Ground Attack & The Water Attack Force, plus many other platoons of destruction heading our way.

I have thought of this as the last battle of Spartacus as his people faced the overwhelming Roman Army from all directions. We humans today are in a similar situation and Planet Earth is not just the home of world Elitists, it’s Our Home too! We have nowhere else to go. This Free ebook is designed to Shock you, Outrage you and maybe even get You motivated to Do Something for your own future and the future of your family.

This ebook contains tons of pics and graphics and research by real experts. I have tried not to add too much of my own two cents, nor have I tried to get religious on you, but just to offer the facts. Plus this ebook contains tons of web addresses where You Can learn more. I offer it free to the world as a starting point for you. Please Do Something Now!

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WAKE UP from the False Left/Right Paradigm Syndrome.

The Answer to ‘1984’ IS- 1776!

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Comment by Rich Goss on June 16, 2013 at 12:49pm

Steve, it’s good that we meet ‘cause I’ve been writing about this tragedy for years.  Do you mention anywhere in the book the world’s largest mine in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest?  The Vale Mine, no other mine even comes close. 

Check our Reason #7 and the photo in my essay, “Ten Reasons Not To Believe. ”I’m anxious to download your book.  I’ll write a review.  Look inside Mirror Reversal on Smashwords and you’ll see we have a similar worldview. 

Reason #7 gives a possible reason for the abuse of nature.  Has to do with the Bible and religion.







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