The Diaries of Eve and Adam (Eve the World's First Scientist)

I just finished reading the personal diaries of Eve and Adam - you know, the original humans.  It would appear that Mark Twain discovered the original manuscripts and succeeded to translate the ancient hieroglyphs somehow (perhaps he used a top hat) and published them to the world.  I will be the first to say that we are truly indebted to him.  I can't imagine why this wasn't included in God's book - maybe the publishers wanted him to save this material for another book.


A general disclaimer: No I do not believe this book is true. No I do not believe in the biblical story.

Eve's Diary can be found in a beautifully written and presented e-book here. It looks wonderful on my Kindle. A public domain audio recording of the work is attached to this post, but I warn you that I have no idea what that means. So you can download that for your Ipod here.

The book contains beautiful illustrations Lester Ralf, which apparently got the edition banned from a library in Charlton, Massachusetts banned for the depictions of Eve in "summer costume." Naked Adam was apparently not offensive. Twain's response (to Congress, no less) is genius.


Read more at my blog: The Diaries of Eve and Adam (Eve the World's First Scientist)

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Comment by Frankie Dapper on June 12, 2012 at 8:06pm

Hey man, you picked the junkiest Twain lit. Ykkkkkkkk.

That and the stinking over-hyped jumping frog from some county or other.

But Twain is good.

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