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There are atheists. They[we] do conspire. As far as theists are concerned, we're evil, and if evil is the denial of god and godliness, then I'm as evil as they come. I rejected faith in a conference with the local Bishop whilst only 8 years old. I played along for many years, to make friends, keep jobs, and so on, but never gained anything from this game. In fact, playing along only caused me more headaches and subjected me to actual physical abuse.

I gave all that up at about 16 when I went to work for one of the most uncaring employers on Earth, Six Flags. Nobody gave a single damn about anyone at that company, so no one even asked me what my religion was. Once I saw that I could work and advance without having to be a member of a cult, I was sold.

To this day, since 1987 when I mustered out of the US Navy, I've never cut my hair for a job, shaved unless I wanted to change my appearance, or dressed in any way other than how I chose to. This didn't stop me from working at Nordstroms as an Oracle Database clerk, at University of Washington as a Technician, or at Microsloth. It still has not prevented me from getting high quality employment with excellent benefits. The only jobs that have turned me away have been overtly religion-based companies with a questionable payscale and highly questionable work environment. Once I've learned that someone or some company is overtly religious, they go on an actual physical block list that I keep. I do not do business with them.

Now I own my own corporation, Ungoth Inc., produce novels, and I'm working on editing and producing videos locally. Being an atheist has worked out very well for me. Ungoth Inc. is officially nontheist, producing atheist works, promoting underground and censored artists, and is protected from lawsuits by simply not hiring employees. Any work needed will be subcontracted.

Ungoth Inc. is a nontheist company that promotes freedom from religion. We will print, produce, edit, distribute and otherwise handle video and audio media, texts, and art by atheists. There is zero cost. The artist should never be asked to pay, and any venture that requires membership, fees, or application costs is unlikely to be genuine.

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Comment by Demopoly on April 10, 2009 at 7:54pm
I'd have to find a way to open an office in Canada where I would feel safe to hire people, or perhaps Mexico after they work out the drug war contest they seem to have going.
Comment by unholyroller on April 7, 2009 at 6:56pm
Dang!! Too bad you don't need a company nurse!



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