The fact that they don't get it is the whole point

Hi friends I need to start blogging here more often, the accumulated toxins in my brain had me going mad.


Religious people just don't get it, and even worse they don't know it, but then again if they did get it they'd be rational members of this site.


My housemate said to me this morning "You don't believe in Jesus?" I said even more then that, I don't think he ever existed. This a very strong position for me, since I once was sure he was the only begotten son of god, tortured, died, resurrected and ascended to heaven. It's taken years to unravel my faith and I feel so free, but the current faithful bring me to rage at times.  


Case in point, a christian guy calls out Atheists as hypocrites on here is his opening salvo.

Atheists are hypocrites. This is not my opinion. This is a fact! You are welcome to challenge my claim with your facts and evidence if you like, and I will defend my
claim with my facts and evidence.

After discussing the issue with many... proclaimed Atheists, my understanding of Atheism is that they not only don’t believe in a God of
any sort, they also don’t believe there is a God of any sort. Many

people get these two concepts confused and think they are the same with

only different views on the matter. They are not the same and are

actually completely different arguments. It is one thing to not believe

in the Gods that other people claim, it is a completely different

argument to think that all Gods are false, for the simple reason that

there is no evidence or proof to validate either argument.


Well this guy doesn't even know the difference between an Agnostic and an Atheist, which is obvious agnostics don't believe in a god of any sort, but aren't willing to go as far as saying they don't believe in the existence of god. Now his last sentence is either poor grammar or he really is blind to the awesome logic of not being able to prove a negative. His whole argument should end in collapse right there, but he goes on, it's not surprising people like this tend to not shut up.


Most Atheists I have found, or by definition I guess all Atheists, have a firm belief and conviction in the scientific method, which requires
concrete evidence and proof of their theory to be true, before they

accept it, or give it any value. This is the part where the hypocrisy

starts to set in. Atheists insist on claiming that there is no God,

without any proof or evidence to back up their theory. Many Atheists

will try to use the explanation that they don’t have to prove a

negative; as it is the responsibility of the person making the claim to

prove their theory, which I also completely agree with. However, the

Atheist brings a completely different argument to the table to defend,

without any evidence or proof to back up their theory, other than the

declaration that they don’t accept the theory that God does exist, which

is no argument at all. I wish Atheists would start using these same

principles with their argument that there is no God. So far, all I have

seen from most Atheists is the same childish behavior that I get from

Christians, when I try to point out the flaws in their beliefs during

discussions. Rather than answer a couple simple questions that challenge

their beliefs, they turn to bashing or trying to put the burden of

proof onto their opponent, by requiring them to prove the existence of

God. All the while, proof of the existence of God is not needed to

disprove the theory that there is no God.

Manipulation in full effect here, first he makes a completely sound logical statement, then a brief insult, then the collapsing argument of proving a negative, he demands proof that we need to prove their is no god, this isn't possible. Look if I have a coffee cup sitting in front of me, that has no coffee in it, I show you but you say yes but prove there is no coffee in the cup, I can't other then asking others to observe the lack of coffee. However if I had a cup full of coffee then I can set out to prove something because now I have something to prove.


An Atheist who only claims that they don’t believe in a God has every right to believe that and think that way; for there is no proof that God
exists. It’s not until the Atheists claim that there is no God that

they become the hypocrite, for they are not only claiming something that

they cannot prove, like most religions do. They are also claiming

something that condemns anyone who believes in any form of a God. To me,

that is a more dangerous person than someone who believes in a God. For

not only will they find fault in another person’s thoughts, as most

religions require one to do, they also disregard their most prized

belief in order to be right. The belief of no evidence means no case.

For a religion to be able to throw out their most valuable belief, just

so they can be right, is very scary, and should cause everyone to

question them. It would be like a Christian abandoning their Lord and

Savior, just to get their way, which in return would destroy the very

foundation that their religion is based on.

Finally the agenda, he thinks we are dangerous, simply because we ask adults to stop talking to their imaginary friends. This guy is scary.

Another fact: True Atheism is a religion, for they believe in something that they cannot prove! I don’t think I need to argue it any more than

Here are two simple questions that I think helps clarify my argument.

Is it close minded to claim that there is a God, without any proof to back up the claim?

Is it close minded to claim that there is no God, without any proof to back up the claim?

Oh goody! He played the "Atheism is a religion" card, I personally don't use the word atheism as I find it incorrect to apply the ism suffix to an inactivity. Here's some definitions of religion:

  • a strong belief in a supernatural power or powers that control human destiny; "he lost his faith but not his morality"
  • an institution to express belief in a divine power; "he was raised in the
    Baptist religion"; "a member of his own faith contradicted him"
  • A religion is a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose
    of the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a

    supernatural agency or agencies, usually involving devotional and ritual

    observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of

    human affairs.

He continues:


If one should not claim that there is no God, one should also not claim that another’s God is false, without convincing evidence. History

of the abuse of a religion, should not count against the religion.

Similar to how the results of the existence of a gun, should not count

against the gun, but rather as an awareness of the power and affects of

the gun, demonstrated by the person using the gun.

A truly open minded individual should be able to answer yes to both of these questions. If you can answer yes to both of these questions,

how can you support the idea that there is no God? I understand the

right to not accept something that has no evidence, but I don’t see how

you can accept something that is the exact opposite of what you discard,

merely for the lack of evidence to validate the discarded. I can choose

not to accept a God, but that doesn’t mean that I accept that there is

no God. They are two completely different arguments. The discrediting of

one does not validate the other.

Once again, there is a big difference between not believing in God and believing that there is no God. There is a great quote, which best

describes people who think this way. It goes something like this. “Only

fanatics and stupid people deal in absolutes.” I like to add;

“Especially absolutes that you cannot prove.”

The lack of logic and critical thinking is mind numbing, but I get it, it's exactly the kind of nonsense people ruminate over everyday and think they are thinking. If I didn't know this person as a grown adult I'd assume the argument was made by a 10 year old.


I'm an Atheist today because of biblical research I did as a true believer not because I never believed. Faith, that is religious faith is a call to the stupid and the asleep, because one has to be incompetent or unconscious to live under the religions of the world. There is the enslaved mindset as well, there are many a brilliant person who is willing to abdicate their faculties in return for comfort, far to many.



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Comment by Seth R. on December 26, 2010 at 1:38am
Looking back at this persons rant he could have said all he said in three sentences, but many religious people they need to circle their login, and spin it and weave it. It's all nonsense.



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