“The Faith of Christopher Hitchens” …In Which I Read Snake Oil

I’m starting to wonder if it isn’t the fate of prominent atheists to end up with Christian apologists for spokesmen. Okay, I don’t literally believe in fate (either), but let’s just say the pattern is starting to look a little too common.

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Comment by Michael Penn on April 22, 2016 at 8:18am

For me there is absolutely no going back. I have seen behind the curtain.

The story here on Hitchens reminds me of one I heard in my church days. A minister preached that Edison was on his death bed and his daughter came in and asked if she should be like him and not believe or be like her mother who did believe. Edison reportedly told her to believe in god as her mother did. I think the story is a lot of bunk!

Is there a god, a supreme being? There might be, but stories of how this being is wanting to be in contact with you and telling you how to live and what to do are extremely far fetched. There is no evidence. None. We might as well believe in the Sugar Plumb Fairy.

In dealing with my own long time Christian friend he wants to believe that his ancestors did not live and die in vain. He wants to wish them into a heaven that he also will go to later and see them all again. Is anything like this possible? Do people just come and go and that's it? Let's take a look at our lives in reverse and look into our past. We all have memories and the evidence shows that people in our lives do indeed just come and go. The ones that are missing are not found at some common gathering place. This is religious daydreaming that is not possible in reality.



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