Anywhere and everywhere we find thousands of people in utter penury, some begging, some eating one meal a day, offspring with malnutrition facing imminent death, womenfolk exploited by affluent by molest , bond labor , and what not, a sea of infinite pain and unendurable suffering spanning millions of people. Who are they? Why they are in such condition?


For academic discussion we ignore Darwin theory of evolution and presume there is God, as envisaged and presumed by different faiths.


 I analyze the reasons, not with an intention of belittling any faith but seeking answers for my doubts as an ongoing zeal and quest for knowledge. This is not a mudslinging exercise as seen now a day,. I  today stand by my convictions,   crystallized at a very tender age and I try to be impartially objective in my presentations and not with any ulterior motive or any psychological complexes originated due to relentless indoctrination and acclimatization of easy and legal path to privileged atmosphere as evident in many instances.


God is necessary to regulate the behavior of society, but not infinitum. After the society is accustomed, guidelines imposed and the administrative machinery in place , the necessity ceases ,but as a fallback position in cases of utter desperation , it helps as a vent of relief of escapism to pass the buck. I agree but the disadvantages outnumber this escapism.


The Hindu faith says these sufferings are due to sins in this life or preceding life. Why account not settled in last life or in hell? Why brought forward? when a person suffers he does not suffer alone , his family members also suffer, may be it that the family members also committed some sin and due for punishment , and they were joined with the person like a  jigsaw puzzle to receive punishment in varying degrees. The puzzle is solved as all pieces fitted together. And it is inferred  that the tax evaders, the fraudsters, and all other who committing sins now may or may not face punishment either here or in hell ,and perhaps in next life but enjoy affluent life in this life. At present their slates are clean, and only for this reason they are made affluent and trouble free or with less trouble. Fantastic theory. With Vedas, Upanishads, numerous puranas and sustained and systematic rituals 220-225 days in a year to ensure that the believers do not go astray, this faith with glaring lapses in their sources still feel insecure and marginally contribute to the destitute but spends significant amount on faith rituals. Do their faith not  tell them that the service to mankind is service to the God? Still they conveniently overlook this and obsessed with only keeping their folks together.

This is for a start.



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Comment by Michael Penn on January 24, 2020 at 6:53am

There are no sins brought forward but there are cycles that must be broken. Many of us will have the same ills in our dealings and family life until we learn to break the cycles.

Comment by akkinapalli venkateswararao on September 25, 2019 at 11:50am

Thank you for your observations.I will bear them in mind


Comment by Loren Miller on September 25, 2019 at 7:12am

You speak of the matter of sins of the past life carried into this one and ask, "Why brought forward?"  Allow me to get even more basic and ask, "HOW brought forward?"  Through what mechanism and medium or media are the transgressions of a previous life maintained from the end of one existence to the beginning of another?

Being that I'm an engineer and a troubleshooter, my first impulse is to look for such mechanisms, to more fully understand the processes going on, in an attempt to optimize the model, or more succinctly, Make Life BETTER.  Yet there is no mechanism; there is no media, nothing in evidence to suggest that our sins or faux pas or boo-boos of lives past have anything to do with the here and now or you and me.  There is neither karma nor dharma.  There is what we have NOW, and that is plenty to deal with, never mind trying to grasp the impact of past lives.  If we suffer, it's because, as the saying goes, "SHIT HAPPENS," with a liberal sprinkling of Murphy's Law.  The only constant in this model is CHANGE, and suffering is a frequent accompaniment to the inability to adapt to the slings and arrows which too often are part and parcel of life.  If we AREN'T suffering, it is likely because either we or someone around us has WORKED to prevent the impingement of untoward events, to defeat or at least defer the entropy, either physical or social, which is a natural part of existence.

There's no magic involved, no hidden properties or principles which govern all of this.  No gods, either, for they are no more available for examination than the other elements I have mentioned.  Matt Dillahunty said a while back: "That which does not manifest is indistinguishable from things that don't exist."  It's us and our environment, as you doubtless well know.  We either act on it to control it and improve our lot or it acts on us to results which can go either way.  THAT'S IT.



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