The FINAL EDITION of American Heathen airs tonight - 8 ET/5 PT. An era comes to an end...

An era comes to an end tonight - first broadcast Dec. 25, 2005, the seven-year run of ShockNet Radio's American Heathen presents its FINAL EDITION at 8 ET/5 PT TONIGHT. For the past seven years, RJ Evans and his crew has presented a show that has never been afraid to expose those enemies of FREEDOM and LIBERTY FOR ALL for what they are, regardless of political persuasion. Join RJ, David 2, Al (The Godfather of Reason) Stefanelli, Reap Paden (Reap's Rant) and Ken Humphreys (Astounding Rubbish) as they bring the curtain down on the show. The main focus, of course, remains the same - examining the issues from an Atheist and Libertarian perspective, a perspective basically ignored by the corporate talking heads and their overpaid, spoiled, pampered handlers - but growing among the grassroots who are tired of having these know-nothing "pundits" shoved down their throats:

WARNING: The topics presented, and language used, on American Heathen are NOT for the faint of heart or the easily offended. I personally do NOT necessarily agree with all opinions expressed on the program, but I DO - and always have - supported the show's main goals as stated above.

As usual, the show will have several discussion topics. Since most of the cast and crew will have birthdays in November, the first discussion topic is "It's Our Birthday...And Maybe Yours?", while the second topic of the evening will be "Top Stories of the Week". And in addition, David's Real History 101 segment will be interactive as well - it's a Final Exam. Yep, if you've been listening, it's time for that pop quiz of the dirty little secrets of American history YOU weren't supposed to know!

Tune in to the show via the ShockNet Radio web site (, the Freethought Radio web site ( or via the FREE Apple iTunes player under Radio and Classic Rock. You can also interact with the show by calling TOLL-FREE (866) 400-6684 at any point in the program (NO call screeners are used and ALL POVs are welcome) or by logging on to the LIVE chat room (opens up about 30 minutes prior to air) by clicking on Chat, typing in any screen name you wish, selecting American Heathen from the drop-down menu and clicking on Connect to join all the chat room regulars one final time.

Despite the show's ending, the American Heathen Nexus page will continue for links to previous show items; the American Heathen blog ( will continue to provide commentary on issues of interest; the American Heathen YouTube channel ( will continue to provide video commentaries on issues; and the American Heathen Twitter feed ( will continue to provide quick links to related material.

It's your last chance to hear what talk radio CAN be without the spin and bunk from the corporate talking heads - pure, unvarnished TRUTH of what's REALLY going on. And the show's principles will continue long after the final fade-out: FREEDOM and LIBERTY FOR ALL!

Live It. Love It.


See you tonight for the Heathen's swansong...and thanks for tuning in and taking part!

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