Timothy Keller informs us that we can get that true happiness by acknowling that we are sinners! God would then take away that guilt of sin and make us truly happy. We must never tempt Him by sinning, but we'll sin and get that absolution. When bad things happen, we can still have happiness as knowing that He loves and protects us.

        As His own  son,  [amongst His others who had children by humans]He died for us to pay for our sins. We must be born again then to become sons and daughters of God. 

       We naturalists, rationalists and full skeptics find all that miserable tripe that those miserable miscreant misanthropes of yore just made up!

       Yahweh entrapped that original pair. And here lies that perverse contradiction: He didn't want them to partake of that tree of the knowledge of right and wrong and the one of eternal life whilst the Christian evangel proclaims that we need free will and that knowledge and we'll get that eternal life!  Why not then in the first place as [Google:] the problem of Heaven so dictates?

       Judaism doesn't proclaim original sin but glorifies its Yahweh despite all the horrors!

       Islam has its own evil sayings.

       This is why I call the Abrahamic faiths Christinsanity, Moses's Folly [ no Moses!] and Muhammad's Fits. All three come way short of the glory of humanity!

        Instead of becomng born again, we become self-responsable as John Paul Sartre proclaims. Sin is just a miserable theological term for our not measuring up to His whims! Anyway, we have no  obligation to worship putative God nor follow those miserable commandments those misanthropes just imagined from their wims and tastes. 

        Instead, as supernaturlists do when they use reason and facts, use our [Google:] covenant morality for humanity- the presumption of humanism that notes that we find moral rules and virtues from how we deal with consequences for humans,other animals and the environment.  For example, we humanists and others using reason and facts acknowledge that bi- and homosexuality rank with heterosexuality! It blasphemes morality do find them evil!

        Supernaturalists, like Clive Staples Lewis, prattle that we rationalists use  religious morality in finding God responsible for evil. Hardly as that one condones those commanded genocides that William Lane Craig glorifies!

       Supernaturalists prattle that no, that is not their God when we point out the evils of Allah or Yahweh! Yet they find solace in their miserable fables. John Haught states that the principal object of the Bible is hope instead of the evolving morality. What is the hope in the hardening of Pharoah's heart that made worse the situaltion. What is the hope in the evil Deluge? What is that hope in the commands for genocide. What a despicable way to find hope in the Atonement!            

        Supernaturalists ever rationalize. We gnu atheists call them on that! They then and some silly non-theists call us fundamentalist atheists! What temerity! We just speak bluntly but not cruelly.

       We, too, partake in the dream! Our evangel doesn't just belong to us but to all humanity! We 've as much right to speak bluntly as does  Alister Earl McGrath! Ah, their hypocrisy!

        Sin is just theological prattle for not following those men of yore with their whims and tastes enconsced in those commandments! Supernaturalists like Haught disparage us about noting those commandments,but they do exist, showing the writers as just as I describe them! As far as as an evolving religious morality, again that relies on reason and facts-ours! He cannot gainsay that his scriptures  has hardly any good moralty, so why even use that anthology at all when other sources are far better?

      I find that despite any nice rhetoric found in any scriptures, I  can avoid reading them other than to point out why they are despicable!

     So Keller can ever prattle his evangel of hopelessness whilst we others live out that more abundant life!

    What do you find wrong with any other scriptures?

     Keller exults in that term sin! Instead, most people do much good and some bad and no one deserves Hell! Read What excellent advice Albert Ellis gives about how we act, and how to do better in " The Myth of Self-Esteem."

     Ellis is realistic whilst Keller revels in fables!


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Comment by Pat on August 30, 2011 at 7:37pm
There is no such thing as "sin."  It, like gods, spirits, the soul, and other forms of juju magic, are non-existent and not real.  There is morality, in how we define the way we treat each other as fellow humans.  You want to see good and evil?  Look in a mirror.  "Sin" is nothing more than than variations of currently accepted morality, with magic rules thrown in, i.e., 1) don't eat pork (Islam and Judaism), 2) don't skip Sunday mass (Catholicism), 3) don't fuck unless a shaman, priest, imam, or rabbi has sanctioned it, and whatever you do, don't fuck anyone of the same sex!  By the way, the Analects of Confucius of doing to others what you want done to you are a good idea, but we, the Abrahamic faiths, will never give credit to the Orientals for putting this down in writing centuries before we figured it out.  It HAD to come from out sky spirits!
Comment by Loren Miller on August 30, 2011 at 6:49pm

Sin lies only in hurting other people unnecessarily.  All other "sins" are invented nonsense.  (Hurting yourself is not sinful -- just stupid.)

-- Robert A. Heinlein

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